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Dear Romney Camp:


It’s Aimee from the Midwest.  Who am I you must be asking yourself?  Just a regular working mom by day and a self-declared, rookie armchair political analyst who writes this blog at night.  I’m really just an average American.  Nobody special really.  I think I need to offer you a little nugget of advice.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the Obama campaign has you on the ropes right now about Medicare.  They are screaming that Medicare is going away.  Now in fairness for a rich political landscape in this country, I don’t think that’s 100% true.  However, this is what our seniors are hearing right now: “voucher”, “medicare cuts” and “private insurance”.  The Democrats are kicking your butt on this issue.

You picked a VP candidate that is known for his dashing good looks, no wait…sorry, for his extreme fiscal, conservative budget plan.  The Ryan budget is pretty much all that Paul Ryan is known for outside of Wisconsin.  That’s how I knew him when he was announced.  The Ryan budget changes Medicare into a voucher system for seniors to choose private insurance.  If seniors are like me, they are no fan of private insurance.  It’s a necessary evil.  Granted, it’s better than no insurance,  but private insurance can be a bitch.  Co-pays, pre-existing conditions, referrals to specialists all make Americans grumpy.    Our seniors had private insurance for 65 years.  I know I’m grumpy with private insurance and I have another 25 years to deal with it.

You can’t pick a candidate who is almost entirely known for his budget plan, put him on the national stage for the presidency, I mean vice-presidency and then when the outcry happens say things like, “the Ryan Budget isn’t the Romney Budget”.  You had to see this coming.  You are smarter than this.  I combed over many articles from credible news sources trying to figure out the difference between the two budgets.  The problem is I couldn’t find anything that helped me understand the difference between the Romney budget and the Ryan budget.  This makes it look like you don’t even know the difference.

So I wait to understand the difference in the two plans…..(insert Jeopardy music)

While we are waiting, if Paul Ryan was picked for other reasons besides his budget plan, what are they exactly?  It can’t be his overwhelming foreign policy experience.  Come to think of it, neither one of you are known for that.  Maybe it’s because he is pro-life?  Yawn…aren’t  all Republicans these days.  Other than the constant reminder that Ryan is a mini-me to Romney, what’s the difference?

As we wait, I don’t think I need to tell you the Democrats aren’t wasting any time putting the fear of God into the seniors about your, I mean Ryan’s medicare plan.  The clock is ticking and you are taking a beating.

Please give a shout out when you are ready to explain the difference between the two plans.  I would say the sooner the better or this election is over and Obama wins by a knockout.



Your average American voter


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