Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

I heard this story yesterday on the  Dana and Parks Show on 980 KMBZ.   KS House to host a 3 day workshop for Christian Evangelicals

KS lawmakers – bravo on taking such creative measure to make money!  Things are so tight in KS that we are now turning our statehouse into a local convention center!  Bring on weddings and Bar Mitzvahs – the KS House is open for business.  We all know that things are crazy tight here in KS with Governor Brownback’s budget, and now we know just how tight.  So how much are we taxpayers getting for hosting this 3-day conference?  It must be a fortune for our lawmakers to blur the lines of separation of church and state so blatantly.  Talk about giving your middle finger to the 1st amendment KS lawmakers.  I guess it’s just a testament to how strapped for cash we are in KS.  Way to get creative at finding a new revenue stream KS lawmakers!

Need to host your next Bar Mitzvah – consider the KS House.  Next porn..I mean adult entertainment convention, not a problem in the KS House.  It can comfortably seat 150.  There is room for your open bar and buffet tables in the halls of the House.  I’m sure for enough money the KS House members will staff your event.  The going rate is $100/hour for a bartender.  The KS House members are all taking a mixology class to gear up for the new business.

Local hotels react:  “We had no idea there was a new event space in town.  We are going to have to up our game.  Times are tight for the convention and event planning business.  Now we have to compete with the KS House. (sigh)”

The KS House is equipped with a full sound system that will help drowned out sounds of our Founding Fathers rolling in their grave from the disregard for Separation of Church and State with the Evangelical conference scheduled.  There is plenty of parking out front.  House staffers will be happy to provide valet service at your next event.

So convention planners, come to Topeka!  The KS House is open for business for your next event.  Sorry Holiday Inn, there is a new game in town.


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