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Tonight was back-to-school night.  My little darling just started Kindergarten so I’m new to the whole elementary school experience.   My only reference is my own kindergarten experience in Mrs. Davies class circa 1978 *cough*.

Many things have changed since the 1970s, but one thing that hasn’t are the size of the chairs.  I managed to get myself in the unnatural position of sitting in my daughter’s munchkin sized chair and my knees still haven’t forgiven me.  As I assumed my position, the PowerPoint started.  No PowerPoint in Mrs. Davies 1978 class.

Then my daughter’s teacher starting running down the list of kindergarten core competencies.

Wait a minute…where do they paint?  Gluing happens where?  Did she just say “core competencies”?

Did I mention I can’t spell kindergarten without the help of spell check?

Core competencies for kindergarten?  I don’t have core competencies for work.

It was mentioned that they were prepping her to be competitive in the “global economy”.  The global economy (snap)!  I just wanted her to cut in a straight line, share her toys and start reading.  Who says our public schools are failing?  My kid has core competencies and is getting ready to compete in the “global economy”.  Forget learning to count to 10 and coloring within the lines.

Tomorrow’s kindergarten agenda?  After recess they are probably going to brainstorm their academic mission statements.  Then maybe they nap.  Of course, it will be a power nap.  Me…I’m going to draw something for my job. I’m a product of my 1970’s kindergarten class.  It’s amazing I can even type this.  Rock on 2012 public schools.



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