Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Charlotte, North Carolina is feeling pretty good about herself right now.

The DNC is in town.  She is kicking-ass and taking names.

Everything about the DNC is cool from the soundtrack to the First Lady. (Snap)

Spanning the crowd, it looks  like a cross between the Lilith Fair and a United Colors of Benetton Ad.  Everyone is there: black, white, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, man and woman.

Last night was Michelle’s night.  The First Lady of the United States gave a speech of such passion that she left this nation uttering, “Ann who?”

Tonight it is Bill Clinton’s turn.  Bill Clinton who is one of this nation’s best orators.  Like his politics or not, his performance behind a podium is hypnotic.   President Clinton is the master of political seduction and I am admittedly a cheap date.

All of this coolness is happening in Charlotte, NC.  The last time Charlotte was this cool was…let’s see…never. Charlotte is nice.  Charlotte is clean.  I like Charlotte.  Charlotte is just not very cool.

I did a little of my own non-scientific research:

There are:

  • 4 gay bars
  • 2 Mosques
  • 6 Synagogues
  • Over 700 Churches

There is a story running in the Charlotte Observer on Moonshine:


But hey, I’m from Kansas.  Maybe I’m just a little bit jealous,  Ok, totally  jealous.  Enjoy your moment in the sun Charlotte!  I’ll be watching from Kansas wishing I was in Charlotte where all the cool kids are.




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