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Tonight is the opening of the DNC!  In a 5 minute camera shot, I think every single minority on the planet was represented.  There was an Orthodox Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites, some guy that I an assume by the way he was dressed was homosexual (with all the navy blue I’ve seen at these conventions I am being really nice people so calm down), women and men.  It was as if a colorful American diversity quilt covered itself all over Charlotte, NC.

I have been to Charlotte.  I can tell you that Charlotte has NEVER seen this much diversity in race, religion and sexual orientation.    Charlotte is probably pretending to be “fine” with all of the colors of the rainbow, but having been to Charlotte, I’m sure that they can’t wait to kick off that itchy American family quilt of diversity and get back to their old comfortable ways of a traditional  flannel blanket to cover themselves up with any time now.

The speakers were amazing.  Abortion rights, veterans rights, environmental rights all right in a row.  I was in heaven!  OBAMA!  OBAMA!  Finally a convention where I wasn’t cringing after every speech.  My people, my issues…my television. Wait a minute.  What the hell just happened to my television?

You have got to be kidding me.

I have no picture, only sound.

I did what any single woman, living alone would do.  I pushed every single button on my remote to fix the problem.  Maybe, just maybe I pushed them all at once the final time hoping the television would be magically fixed.

Now I have no sound and no picture.  My dream convention just came to a screeching halt.

If I were a Republican, I would jump in my car, go buy a new TV and just charge it.  If I were Gen Y I would figure out how to stream it on the internet.  Since I’m a Gen X Democrat, I’l just whine about it in my blog hoping that all my friends will comfort me when I post this on Facebook.

Oh well, I guess this is where I say I’m sorry to Mr. Eastwood and hope my television magically works again.  Dang, he really is powerful. Mr. Eastwood the chair thing was really clever.  Seriously, it was amazing.  Now please take the curse off my television.

To be continued….


4 thoughts on “The DNC – my crisis and an apology to Mr. Eastwood

    1. Mike-you are a dream! Thanks my DNC hero!

  1. j-Bob says:

    from one genX to another. You can catch the live stream here:

    1. I got it! I’m watching the twins from Texas tell their story. Inspiring! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep me connected j-Bob!

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