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Well, yeeefreakin’haw!  Welcome to the wild west folks!  I’m reporting to you live from Overland Park, Kansas.  The Overland Park city council just voted to allow legal gun owners to carry their loaded guns openly.  No more “conceal” in “conceal and carry”.  Now we are all openly packing heat.

Now to be clear, it’s not like all gun owners are having a free-for-all and walking down Main St. with our guns at the ready.  The guns have to be in holsters and the safety has to be engaged.

Other changes soon coming to the city of Overland Park, KS:

1.  Unpaving of the roads.  Since we are all carrying our guns down Main St., we need to get that old west feel back.  The cit will soon be unpaving all of the roads so that if there is a shoot out on Main St the dust can kick up behind the cowboys just like in the movies.

2.  Attracting new business for saloons.  The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce will be working on an initiative to open more saloons in town.  Once thought of as a thing of the past, a cowboy or cowgirl can get super thirsty carrying around our guns.  We need more saloons in town to have our shot of Wild Turkey during a busy day.

3.  Going to a greener type of transportation mode.  The City of Overland Park will also seek to get our citizens back to riding horses as a means of transportation.  Lessons in history tell us shooting a gun via horseback is much easier than in our cars.  The new initiative will have local businesses installing hitching posts out front.  It’s a win-win with horseback transportation being good for the environment and creating new jobs in a once dead industry-hitch post making.

City of Overland Park, I applaud you for getting things back to a simpler time.  Life was so much better on the prairie when there was one sheriff in town and a guy could get himself shot for looking at somebody funny.



2 thoughts on “No More Conceal Carry in KS, Now Just Carry

  1. JSniderman says:

    Perhpas Romey is hoping to challenge Obama to a duel; what better location than OP KS. It’ll be Burr-Hamilton all over again.

    1. Awesome! I would pay to see that. Better Romney than Chaney. We all know what happened when he was unsupervised with a gun.

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