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To cheer or not to cheer that is the question.  To be more accurate, who cheered and who didn’t cheer.  Last Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was hit during the football game.  He went down hard.  Some Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered.  He was taken out of the game and turns out he had a concussion.  Chiefs player Eric Winston lashed out at Chiefs fans for cheering Cassel’s injury.  This city has erupted in scandal that hasn’t been seen since the Pendergast political years.

I usually only write about things I know – politics and Real Housewives, but I have to throw my two cents in on the whole thing.  I love a juicy scandal and this one I can’t pass up.  Make yourself comfortable boys….

I used to be a Chiefs fan, back when they were good.  Now I spend my Sundays trying to get our economy out of a recession (shopping).  I don’t watch the Chiefs anymore and haven’t for a few years.  I’m depressed enough as it is.  However, here are some things that I know:

  • The game is violent and violence is applauded.
  • Hard hits are celebrated by being played and replayed on a Jumbotron that can be seen by astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • One team recently was outed for having a freaking bounty system.
  • Fans cheer when the defense takes out the opposing quarterback and that’s o.k.
  • NFL players often times make millions vs. the fans who have to pay close to that just to see a game.

I’ll admit, first when I heard about this I was outraged, but the more I thought about it the more my outrage was focused more towards the Chiefs.  Violence is glorified in football all the time.  The fans are frustrated.  The team sucks.  Kansas City loves our football and has stood by this team for years in good and in mostly bad.    Kansas City is living the phrase “the agony of defeat”.

The bigger question is what were the fans cheering for?  Was it because Cassel was coming out of the game no matter what the circumstances?  Was it because the backup quarterback was coming in?  Was it because everyone was drunk and they just wanted to cheer about anything?  Was it because Cassel stood up after being seriously injured?  Was it because Cassel was injured?  No one can answer this question now that everyone has sobered up.  Does it really matter?

The message from your fans has been sent Chiefs.  Cheering or no cheering, your fans are fed up.  Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. I’m not talking the panties the cheerleaders wear, I’m talking the big, big girl panties.  Man up and  make the changes that need to be made.  If you need to find me for more colorful analysis, you know where I will be this Sunday…at the mall.


3 thoughts on “A chick’s take on the Chiefs Scandal

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    I don’t think they should cheer injuries, but they have the right to boo if they are not pleased with the team’s performance!

    1. Thanks for your comment-what about if it is against the other team? I’ve heard cheers when a quarterback is sacked and sometimes hurt.

      1. jumpingpolarbear says:

        I guess that would be considered “okay” 🙂

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