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Dear Rep. Bradford,

First, congratulations on winning your campaign in the KS House 40th District!  Now that you are a public figure, things are changing a bit.  I’m sure you learned a few lessons about being a public figure when you ran for office.  I was reading KSHB 41’s website and noticed you are coming under fire for your Facebook page.

According to the article you said, “I don’t think I would ever put anything on there that was intentionally offensive to anyone,” he said.

Read more:

Like any concerned citizen would do, I went ahead and checked out your Facebook page for myself.  To me, like our glorious American system lays out,  you are innocent until proven guilty in this country.

I’m back after a quick browse and I have a few observations. I get that our politics don’t match.  No biggie here.  I’m all about building bridges now that the election is over.  This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican thing just some constructive criticism so please take it as it is intended.

1. You posted this video:  

I watched the whole video.  It starts with some disturbing video of the Holocaust.  It is narrated by a sweet, young child’s voice equating Nazi Germany and mass genocide of 11 million people with not balancing the US budget and lying by American politicians.  Like I stated before, I’m no PR expert, but people can be a bit sensitive when it comes to equating mass genocide and anything that has to do with balancing a budget.  I am happy to include myself in this category.  I’ll just sum this up as a “teachable moment”.  No problem.  Everyone has to learn sometime.

2.  Another article about Nazis.  This one about Hitler Youth.  This time it’s FEMA:

From what I gather from this article, FEMA hired and trained a group of people that were in the age range of 18-24.   This article from a source called “Before It’s News” equates this new group of FEMA graduates with Hitler Youth.

Rep. Bradford, just between you and me.  Here’s another great “teachable moment” Rep. Bradford – Just an FYI,  Nazi Germany and the Holocaust was a horrible scar on history.  People take offense to it.  There is also a delete button on your Facebook page so you can actually delete posts.  Once someone educates you that mass genocide can be offensive, you can actually delete offensive posts.  I know..right…it’s amazing.  It took me a while to figure that out as well.  It’s that little tiny x at the top right of the box.  I wasn’t posting Holocaust stuff, more like Honey Boo Boo jokes that weren’t really funny, but I have hit the delete button more than once in my life.  Don’t even get me started on all the silly stuff I’ve put out on Twitter.

3.  Finally there is this great pic.  I’ll just recognize this as a difference of opinion on gun control.  Just remember we seem to have a bunch of mass shootings made easier with weapons like these.   Right or wrong (mostly right) people also can be a bit  uptight about “funny” pics like these as well.

I hope you have found this little Facebook 101 sensitivity training helpful.  Remember, no Nazi jokes, no genocide jokes and no mass shooting jokes and you should be fine.  I’ll be sure to remember to stay away from Honey Boo Boo jokes just to be safe.

I’ll leave you with this catchy phrase I just made up..”If you don’t want to take the political heat, just remember to hit delete.”

Your new Facebook “friend”,



3 thoughts on “Rep. John Bradford KS – A Few Lessons About Facebook

  1. looks like he removed that little video.

    Sounds like he is pretty sympathetic kind of guy … can’t make this stuff up:

    John Bradford shared a link.
    October 31
    “Totally Amazing. A storm lasting only a couple days and already residents are demanding food and supplies be supplied by the government. What happened to having enough basic supplies on-hand to last a family for a few days. Poor planning has its consequences.”

    Hope no natural disaster strikes him … good thing he isn’t in Tornado Alley … oh, shoot, he does live there.

  2. Joey says:

    This is insane. John Bradford is a great guy who loves his country. He loves the people so much he wants them to be prepared for a disaster! Shocker @ growingupright! And the problem of the holocaust. Ignoring it and “deleting it from history” so that it does not offend people is what progressives do best. History repeats itself…and if we forget how things started, they are bound to start again the same way.

    1. Nobody is saying that we should “delete it from history”. How about learning about the Holocaust the appropriate way instead of using the historical facts of the Holocaust inappropriately to spread fear where it doesn’t belong. That is my big problem here. I can’t believe that Rep. Bradford didn’t put two and two together before posting the offensive video.

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