Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

This weekend I decided to take my daughter to the circus.  The circus has an intermission.  During the intermission the children were allowed on the circus floor and there were various bouncie houses and inflatable slides to entertain the children. While walking around checking out the fun, we found a rather unusual slide to entertain the youngsters.

The Sinking Titanic Slide

Nothing says fun like reenacting mass casualties on the high seas!  Watch little Johnny climb up to the top, linger for a moment and then plunge at lightning speed to what would have been his death if it really was the Atlantic Ocean that fateful night.

It seemed like I was the only one who was HORRIFIED by this simulation in mass casualties all in the name of good old American fun.

Since I seemed to be the only one sucking the fun out of the room as I stood in horror to what I was witnessing, what other tragedies could we turn into a joyful, kids ride?

How about the Hindenburg disaster?  Kids could take a ride around in a smaller version with simulated flames bursting out the back.

How about a bouncie house that looks like the Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire of 1911 complete with smoke and flames coming out the top?  The only way out for kids would be to climb out the top and jump out.

Finally, I could list horrible plane crash after plane crash, but I think you get my point.

Finally, Let’s top it all off with a kool-aid stand and reenact the Jonestown Massacre while we are at it.

All I can do is shake my head and say…seriously people?





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