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Pintrist is not new to the social media scene, but I am new to Pintrist. In the social media world, anything older than a micro-second is considered old. If Facebook is the mom, Pintrist is the emerging teenager. It was time for me to get acquainted to this pin and repin world of Pintrist. I try to stay away from most things that involve sewing, hot glue gunning or crafts that would involve me having to step foot into a Hobby Lobby,, but since my job is in social media, I decided to take a step (shove myself) into the world of Pintrist.

I logged into Pintrist. First step is create some boards. Since I knew that Pintrist was about cooking, crafts and exercising, that I what I started out naming my boards: Recipes, Exercises and Hobbies. Easy enough…

I started pinning some pictures to my boards. I love this part. I never advanced from the toddler stage of loving all things shiny and bright. Most of my decisions are based on the complex thought of “it’s pretty, I like” and that is really what Pintrist is all about. It’s all picture based. Since the older I get the more blinged out I also get, my boards start filling up fast with bright and shiny objects.

I have figured out a formula regarding my love of bling. It’s simple really. My love of bling on me, my clothes, accessories, home accessories, etc is based on my age. At this point, I’m 40% blinged out because I’m 40. By the time I retire to Boca and I’m playing Mah Jongg for 4 to 5 hours a day, I will be 65-70% blinged out, because I will be 65 to 70 years old. This formula holds true unless I find a sugar daddy before 65 or 70. If that happens, my bling ratio will dramatically increase and no longer be in proportion to my age. Hopefully the bling will also be real.

Like a toddler, I also get off track easy.

Back on track. I continue pinning like a crazy person, my board was filling up. I have boards with clever quotes, I have boards with exercises to get my butt toned. I have boards with Christmas decorations. Then I stop. Like a teenager who has just suddenly sobered up off of a wine cooler drunk, because mom and dad came home, I realize – I’m pinning like Martha Stewart on crack, but who was I kidding? I have pinned a nativity scene made out of marshmallows and I’m Jewish for God’s sake!

Side rant – who makes a nativity scene out of marshmallows? Does anything think Jesus might be looking down and think, “I walked on water only for my image to be remade in marshmallows? Seriously people, I’m the son of God. Don’t get I get a little more respect than to be molded out of the same stuff you put in hot cocoa and they melt?” If you want to see it, just go to my Pintrist page.

Back on track – so I stopped pinning things. I realized that when I looked at my friends’ boards, I started to feel bad. Do their homes, exercise routines and kitchen tables reflect all the things that are pinned to their boards? Were they really whipping up souffles every night, hand crafting candles and doing 1000 crunches to firm their abs every day? I decided to get real with Pintrist and cut the bullshit. First step – rename my boards to really reflect me and my personality.

New Board Names

Great Looking Food I Won’t Be Cooking

Exercises I Won’t Be Doing

Crafts and Shit I Won’t Be Making

Gifts My Pretend Husband Can Buy Me (There are things like the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, tiaras from famous monarchs, etc.)


Shows I Watch (I can’t believe Workaholics has a pin)

People I Would Invite To A Dinner Party

Quotes That Don’t Suck

For those who love crafting, cooking, sewing and DIY projects – God Bless You! I mean that from the bottom of my blinged out heart. For all those women and gay men out there like me who start to feel jealous looking at Pintrist boards like those, join me on Pintrist! Let’s keep it real out there.




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