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Another shooting.

This time involving kids at elementary school.

Details still developing.  Kids and adults are dead.  Lots of kids and adults.  Too many kids and adults.  One is too many.

The shooter had 2 handguns.  Did he get them legally?  What was his motive?  I’m sure we will find out more as the day goes on.

I can already hear the gun advocates – “Today is not the day for the gun control debate.  Now is the time to focus on the victims.”  Same quote, just different victims.

Isn’t that what they always say?  The problem is there are so many shootings and so many victims that we never seem to get a break to actually have the gun control debate. It is time to have the debate as a way to honor the victims.

So let’s do this.

Politicians read this –  we need more gun control.  Sane people and mentally ill people are getting guns and killing innocent people.  The system is broken and our society needs help.

If the 2nd amendment is your banner to keep guns legal and in the hands of people who will shoot up elementary schools, movie theaters and other public places-too bad.  That’s right.  Get over it.  The founding fathers didn’t intend for guns to be used in this manner.  The founding father’s also didn’t intend for black people and women to vote.  We, as a society, have recognized that as being wrong and have evolved.  It’s time that we stop hiding behind the 2nd amendment as it was writing at the birth of our nation and evolve to protect our people.

How about the old, tired argument that criminals will have all the guns if we have more gun control.  Yawn.  Here’s the deal.  Criminals want our stuff. People passing background checks and getting guns legally are the ones shooting up public places.  Stuff can be replaced.  Having loosie-goosie gun control laws at the sake of public safety so that we can keep our flat-screen televisions and iPads doesn’t justify the loss of life.

You got a better argument for keeping the gun-control laws the way they are?  I’m ready to hear it.  Afraid the government will do what if our citizens are unarmed?  Guess what?  Lots of citizens in the United States choose not to carry weapons.  How about we get those paranoid about what our government might do to them if they give up their arms some Xanax and to tell to chill out.

Worried about hunting in American we crack down on gun control?  How about hunting with a bow and arrow?  Merida from Brave does it quite well.  If a fiery red-head can do it, so can you tough men.  If not, go get your food at the grocery store like most people.  Hunt in the frozen food aisle.

Sometimes people have to sacrifice something for the greater good of society.  It may not be what you want, but it is for the best.  I’m sure we the story develops today we will find out more about what led this shooter to go crazy and kill kids and adults.  I’m sure our president and politicians are tired of offering up condolence speech after condolence speech to yet another community in the wake of yet another tragedy.  I know my heart is heavy another day.  I can’t sit by and let the gun lobby continue to tell us that this is not the right day for a gun control debate.  To them, every day is not the right day for a gun-control debate.

Let’s tell the NRA that we as a society won’t stand for it anymore.  More gun-control, fewer guns and see what happens.  I know I’m tired of sitting by and letting the gun lobby continue to win this argument.  I’m tired of saying, “today is not the day for a gun-control debate.”  Today is the day.  As long as people are dying in the control and guns are the cause, every day is the day for a gun control debate.

If you agree with me, please pass this along.  Together maybe we can get people to listen.

God bless the kids and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I pray for strength for the grieving families during this tragic time.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control Debate – Let’s do this.

  1. Travis says:

    It IS illegal to have a gun on school property. That is the law, but surprise…. the shooters did not abide by the law, that is why they are called criminals. Passing more laws will not stop stupid people from doing insane things, however if that principal would have been allowed to have her own gun instead of having to charge the shooter bare handed she would have had an even playing field to protect herself and her students. If I truly believed gun control would prevent this then I would happily turn mine in first, but passing strict laws on pencils will not prevent people from misspelling words. My family’s heart and prayers go out to all the victims, I cannot imagine what they are going through.

    1. Thanks for the comment Travis. Even if I was offered a gun to “protect” myself, I would turn it down. I can’t imagine picking it up and pulling the trigger. Also the potential of innocent children finding it and hurting themselves with it far outweighs any positives of me having it handy to shoot any “criminals”.

      1. Travis says:

        I believe it is my responsibility to protect my family. I think it is obvious that education needs to be a part of gun ownership, which was a part of getting my CCP. I was raised around guns and educated about them. My kids are raised around guns and educated about them. If a gunman intent on killing a member of my family, child or innocent person were anywhere around me I would not think twice about pulling the trigger. I would not want to stand by and watch, or take him on bare hands against a gun. If you were in a threatening situation the first thing you would do is call the police because….they have guns, however by the time they get there the only thing to do would be file the report. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one. Guns do not go away just because you pass legislation that says they have to. Meth is illegal yet I know WAY too many people that have ruined their lives on it. It’s not supposed to exist according to law, yet it does. I read your blog because I am trying to understand the thinking behind gun control, but I cannot seem to. I think It’s obvious that we will have to agree to disagree, just wanted to say that I do in fact disagree.

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