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Senator Blunt from Missouri put out a statement today regarding his support of the 2nd amendment saying he would not support any legislation that would limit Americans access to guns.

I didn’t believe it so I called his Kansas City office.  Turns out, it was true.  Sad, but true.  Stupid and insensitive, but true.


I looked up blunt in the dictionary.

blunt: abrupt in address or manner


Excuse me Senator Blunt, allow me to be blunt.  Are you fucking kidding me?  When I called the office I asked if that also included assault weapons.  Yep, it includes assault weapons.  For a moment I sat silent on the phone.  I try not to drop the f-bomb much in my posts, but there doesn’t seem to be a better time to insert that obscenity.  The entire nation is grieving this national tragedy and I think you and the Westboro Baptist Church may have tied for the most inappropriate statements to date regarding this horrific incident.


The next definition of “blunt” in the dictionary listed this:

Blunt: slow in perception or understanding; obtuse: His isolation has made him blunt about the feelings of others.


The best thing I can say right now is that you are living up to your name.


Senator Blunt, there is this thing called The Facebook.  I would ask one of your Gen Y staffers to pull that up on that thing called a computer on your desk.  Read some of the posts right now.  Maybe that will give you a better understanding of how the nation feels right now.  Put your NRA friends on hold and tell them you will call them back at a later time.  Better yet, just meet them for a steak and a whiskey later and you guys can laugh about this at the bar.  Right now just pull up Facebook.  There you will see thousands of tributes to the kids who just died.  You will see parents posting about how hard it has been to leave our kids at school.  You will see posts about faith and religion.  There are posts asking for more gun control.  Maybe your Gen Y staff will get crazy and they can introduce you to Twitter.

I know, I may be asking just a little too much.  If anything Senator Blunt, just step outside of your wood-paneled office and speak to people right now.  I bet you would surprised to find that even your gun-totting, conservative loyalists agree that nobody needs an automatic weapon to hunt a deer.

Ah well, who am I to say.  You are the big time Senator and I’m just a lonely blogger reading Facebook posts and tweeting.  Now excuse me for being so blunt.

Yours in frankness,



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