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Dear NRA,

I’m sure you are overwhelmed with love letters today by gun owners who are counting all the ways they love you and your colorful news conference.  I’m sure the comments involved quotes like,

“Way to go man!”

“Screw the government.”

“Liberal freaks won’t be takin’ my guns!”

I’m sure you are celebrating in your offices the way all rich, white males do when you think you hit one out of the park.  The bumper stickers are already at the printers reading –

The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun is a Good Guy With A Gun.

It’s long, but I bet on your huge monster trucks and SUV’s it should fit.  Our liberal hybrids won’t be needing one anyway so it’s a win-win.

Can you take a quick sec out from your whitemanpalooza celebration to listen to my argument?  I’ll try to be brief.

Here’s the thing-Your argument of a bad man being stopped by a good man with a gun is a reasonable one.  Hold on liberal peeps and hear me out..

Like the violent movies you referenced in your speech, when the bad man came to town in the Western movies, he was met by the good guy sheriff and they had a shoot out on Main St.  They were both shooting the same rifle at each other.  The good guy always won and the movie was over.

Your argument is flawed due to the following reasons.  I know logic isn’t something you are used to so I will lay this out point by point so you can follow along:

1.  As catchy as your statement is, it assumes that both parties have the same type of gun.

2.  It assumes that one party isn’t fully outfitted in body armor.

3.  It assumes that one party doesn’t lead a sneak attack against another party.

Once we go down this path, what is the next step?  Will it be that the good guys should always carry a bigger, more powerful gun than the bad guys?  Why stop there?  How about if we arm them with grenades and rocket launchers just in case?

My daughter goes to a sweet elementary school in a quiet neighborhood.  I will pass on your offer to have her walk past an armed guard carrying a loaded AK-47 every day on her way to class.  I will also pass on having her teacher carrying a weapon on a holster that she has to move out-of-the-way so she can sit criss-cross applesauce with the other six-year-olds for circle time on the floor.

I love my child with all of my heart, but because I love my child, I will reject your offer of more guns and fight to raise her in a world of fewer guns.   I strongly oppose having any of her teachers at her elementary school armed even if you think this is within their rights.  I love my child so much that I will continue to push my politicians to ban assault weapons, ban gun shows and any internet sales of guns.

I am fine with responsible gun owners having shotguns for hunting, but assault weapons like the ones used in the previous mass shootings should be a thing of the past.

You may be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, but the love I have for my child and others like me have for their children is a force to be reckoned with.  One speech will not make us go away.

Go ahead and keep blaming movies, video games and the media.  As I teach my daughter, shifting the blame doesn’t make you any less responsible.

Aimee Patton



2 thoughts on “Dear NRA – Go To Hell

  1. unjustvotes says:

    Saying “assault” gun is like saying “rape” knife. Of course we are against rape knives and anything else with descriptive adjectives disguised as nouns which identify purpose for harming others. In reality it doesn’t become an assault gun until used to assault just like a knife isn’t a rape knife until used to rape. This makes any action on your thoughts less clear and more prone to error.

    1. Respectfully disagree -you and I both know the difference. Thanks for reading!

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