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Like all American women, gay men and even some heterosexual men (ok those forced by their wives) I was tuned in last night for the season premier of Downton Abbey.  I am obsessed with British dramas.   If someone isn’t wearing a corset and dancing a waltz at some point, I’m only vaguely interested.  This goes all the way back to the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  Yes, Gen Y – look it up.  This one had Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and was made years before the more commercialized Kiera Knightly version.

Last night I was ready.  Finally Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley would unite in wedded bliss.  For two seasons we have waited and waited and waited for this moment.  It was last night I finally realized that even in all of its soap opera glory, we can’t ignore the fact that a dude wrote Downton Abbey.  Granted it’s a very proper English dude, but a dude nonetheless.

Here is my evidence:

1.  The wedding vows

Here are two people who hated, loved, hated and then loved each other for years.  They almost threw it all away to marry two other people.  Only because fate gave them a plague and a ruthless bastard did they come together in the end.  You would think that would give us some amazing dialogue during the vow phase of the wedding.  Something like, “I carried your stuffed dog on the battlefield of war.  It was your stuffed animal of love that brought me home to you.  That sweetness of your childhood toy reminds me of the sweetness of your youth and your innocence   As we grow old together I will always be reminded of your pure heart like the love that you had for that toy you so entrusted me with.”  yadda yadda yadda…kiss

If I remember correctly before my Ambien kicked it, the only sweet moment between the two of them went something like, “Aren’t you glad I showed up?” Lady Mary.

2.  The financial ruin of the home

So we find out that Lord Grantham gambled his wife’s fortune and lost.  When he finally tells Cora about losing her American fortune and possibly their home/castle, she is so understanding in his moment of need.  In fact, she embraces him and tells him that it will be ok and downsizing to a more modest casa is perfectly fine.  A dude totally wrote this.

Let me get this straight, Cora leaves America and moves away from Mama Shirley to buy a title and a freaking castle and her hubby gambles all of it on a Canadian railroad.  He throws a seven at the Craps table of life and loses everything.  She embraces him and tells him that it’s going to be o.k.  Are you freaking kidding me?  In my world, Cora would have tore his balls off and left with them in her purse as she went downstairs to dinner.  She would have handed them to Carson and told him politely to feed the balls to the dogs for dinner.  The end.

3.  The line from Matthew that he and Lady Mary need to “get to know each other better”.  If a woman wrote this, lovers drawn together by fate already know each other.  They are soul mates and know each other by destiny.  It doesn’t matter if he throws his waistcoat on the floor or if she drops her hairpins into the carpet, love conquers all.

Of course, I am still in love with this drama.  I can’t get enough of all of these crazy characters.  I know a dude wrote this, in fact a father of a daughter, when Lady Mary walks down the stairs in her wedding gown and the look on her father and Carson’s face as they watched their little girl become a bride.  Tears ran down my cheeks.

Until next week Downton.downton abbey





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