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A new report came out Monday that showed during Governor Brownback’s tenure, child poverty rates had increased.  Child poverty rates have increased and those receiving temporary assistance had dropped.

There has been a 38% decrease in the number of families receiving assistance.  

The Kansas City Star reported during the weekend that the child poverty rate in Kansas had increased from 14.5 percent in 2008 to 18.8 percent.

Brownback said that the reason for the decrease was because families didn’t comply with the requirement of looking for a job.

“I think that is a pretty modest requirement,” Brownback said. “The best way to get out of poverty is a job,” he said.

Because of that, and Brownback’s continued belief of personal responsibility instead of government handouts, Kansas is about to take the drastic yet needed step of repealing child labor laws.

“Single mothers of very young children usually represent the poorest of the poor in Kansas.  These women can’t be out looking for jobs when they have young children to take care of.  There tend to be multiple children in these households.  To combat that problem we are asking that the oldest children in their households go out and look for work.  If they can walk, talk and tie their shoes they are fit for some sort of work.  It continues to send the message that government handouts are a thing of the past in KS.” Representative of the Task Force to Reduce Childhood Poverty

This step will increase the workforce in Kansas and make potential businesses consider moving to Kansas to take advantage of this young and vibrant workforce.

“Really it’s a win-win.  Kids get out of poverty and learn the long-term lesson of supporting their families.  It breaks that cycle of poverty.  It also shows the nation that we are a pro-work state and are willing to do what it takes to bring new business to Kansas.”  Governor Brownback

“This drastic step of repealing child labor laws goes along with the trend in Kansas to take us back to the good old days of simpler times.  Now that we encourage people to carry firearms daily and get back alley abortions, having our children back in the factories seemed like the next logical step.”  State Senator who wished to remain anonymous.

Until the new legislation can pass through the House and Senate in Kansas, families and children will continue to go hungry in Kansas.

“We will just call this a teachable moment.” said Governor Brownback


One thought on “KS – Repealing Child Labor Laws

  1. stlouiscyn says:

    Sounds like just another day in Brownbackistan.

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