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I’ve been writing about gun control a lot and have been fortunate to debate gun control on Darla Jaye’s 980 KMBZ show (shout out to my favorite Conservative – woot, woot).

Most of the opposing views expressed have been summed up like this – “People who don’t understand guns are the ones who want to prohibit guns.” And loving comments like “you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.”

This feedback had me thinking – what do I really know about guns?

In full disclosure, I have shot a gun once. It was a long, long time ago in the desert of Arizona. My family decided to take a tour of Phoenix. Our tour host was an old-fashioned cowboy complete with the handlebar mustache. While we were out admiring how dry the desert actually was..he showed me and my brother his gun. It was something similar to the picture in this post.

The cowboy asked if my brother and I wanted to shoot it. Curiosity got the best of me and I said yes.

He handed me this gun and told me to aim far in the distance. We were standing on a slight hill in the middle of nowhere. I aimed out to the horizon and shot the gun.

Way off in the distance I heard “hey” shouted.

Now I’m sure the gun had blanks in it (I hope), but it was enough to scare the crap out of me. That was the first and last time I ever shot a gun.

I think my cowgirl experience is enough to call myself “experienced” with guns or should I say…a gun. (sticking tongue out in a very mature matter to all those gun-rights people out there).

Uberti Army

I have been researching a lot about guns lately to help support my points.

Sen. Feinstein introduced new legislation to ban 157 different types of assault weapons. I did a Google search to see if that is a large percentage of the guns manufactured in the US or a small percentage. 157 sounds like a lot if the total number of guns manufactured is say 250…I think you get my point. I do know that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said that in 2011 there were about 6.1 million guns manufactured in the United States minus the exports.

How many of the 157 brands are there out of that 6.1 million? I can’t answer that.

However, on search, I found this little gem:

It’s a pistol with the Bill of Rights etched in the gun. In the manufacturer’s words – Model 9C1 pistol. Putting the Bill of Rights where it belongs.” And they go on..

Each FMK Firearms 9C1 pistol is engraved with the Bill of Rights to remind Americans about our inalienable rights, and pay tribute to those great leaders who have fought for our freedoms, while some ignoble ones have endeavored to undermine them.

First, how small must the font be on that pistol? Second, the inalienable rights include the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I guess maybe they are focusing more on the liberty and pursuit of happiness part and less on the life part.

  • What about all those killed by accidental gun shots?
  • What about all those people killed by mass shootings?
  • What about all the women murdered in domestic violence assaults?
  • What about all those killed in homicides?

Don’t all those victims also have a right to life? Maybe these pistols are manufactured by someone in the Gen X generation. It has been coined the “me generation”. Maybe it’s this type of selfishness that has made America great, but also our own worst enemies.

I guess the flip-side of the argument is that guns can be used to protect your life and not just take someone else’s. So then I searched for how many people save their life from having a gun per year. Not so simple – one can’t assume that every home invasion is life-threatening. Maybe a thief is only after your flat screens, Macs and espresso machines. For as many statistics that show that guns make people safe, there are statistics saying more guns equals more homicides and suicides.

Then I found this from the same article referenced on –

There is work the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could and should be doing, she said, but has not since the late 1990s. CDC has been wary of studying gun issues after NRA lobbyists convinced Congress to cut into its funding after a series of studies in the mid-1990s were viewed by the NRA as advocating for gun control.

Thanks NRA and CDC – my search for facts to help support my argument has stopped….(big sigh) I guess I’ll go off the argument that guns should be prohibited cause I said so. So there.


3 thoughts on “From my WTF file – Bill of Rights Engraved on Guns.

  1. Yah, I know it sucks. But you know how it goes with those folks, can’t have facts stand in the way!

  2. John S. says:

    Your position on gun control is not well thought out. Our nation’s founders were thinking about the tyrannical government of Britain when they conceived our Second Amendment. They knew that our population should be armed (read the Federalist Papers) in order to fend off tyranny by a foreign or homegrown government.

    There is no such thing as an “assault weapon”. There are “assault people” who will grab wahtever inanimate object which is handy to do evil. Banning guns, hammers, baseball bats, two by fours, knives, swords or whatever simply means that once yo ban them bad guys will have the weapons and good guys will be defenseless. In other words any weapons ban means that the bad guys are always armed. Why? Because the bad guys don’t subscribe to the law. That’s why they are called “bad guys”.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I’ve read the Federalist Papers-that was the joy of being a history major in college 🙂 My position still stands. We can get into semantics, but high capacity guns have no place in the hands of our civilian population.

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