Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

We all remember the Republican primaries and how Republicans would deal with the immigration problem in the United States.

“I would build a wall on our border between Mexico and the United States.” said many Republicans



“I would build a double wall.” said Michelle Bauchmann

Hell, why not build a wall, put in a moat and put crocodiles in the moat while you are at it?

In that same theme, Kansas House Republican Brett Hildebrand introduced a bill that would make undocumented students in Kansas pay out-of-state tuition at Kansas universities.  Currently, students pay in-state tuition.  Many students who came illegally to the United States as children attend Kansas universities.

How many students are we talking about?  About 630 students are currently enrolled at Kansas universities that are illegal immigrants.

That would make their tuition jump for these students about 2.3 times to about $23,000.

The original plan was to build walls around the universities to keep these illegal students out, but budget constraints in Kansas make that plan impossible at this time.  However, Republicans are keeping that option open for the future.

“The build a wall option to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States was so popular during the Republican primaries that we think it is a great option to keep illegal immigrants out of our Kansas universities.” said anonymous Kansas Republican.

How legal Kansas students will get in, however, is still being worked out.

“We are doing everything possible to be sure that these children brought here as illegal immigrants are not productive members of society.” the anonymous source continues.

It is still yet to be seen if this bill passes.  In order for Kansas to keep the title as least compassionate state in the union, lawmakers are doing everything possible to be sure the bill passes.


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