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Republican John McCaherty, MO has introduced a bill to outlaw abortions based on sex selection or genetic abnormalities of the fetus.  This bill would allow for criminal and civil penalties to be brought against a doctor performing abortions based on  sex selection.

The Americans United for Life said this bill is necessary, because sex selection abortions have become increasingly common in “some Asian countries.”

Read that one again – “in some Asian countries”.

Just a few statistic to put this in perspective and then we will move on…

From – a pro-life website:

  • Number of abortions from the CDC in MO 6881
  • Number of abortions at 16 weeks when a doctor can tell the sex of a fetus – 2.7%.
  • Now how many of these abortions were from “sex selection” – my scientific opinion probably zero!

How do I know this number is probably zero?  I worked at a family planning clinic in the 90s.  Any person presenting to find out the sex of their fetus was TURNED AWAY.  ALWAYS TURNED AWAY.  No exceptions.  Now common sense tells me that a person seeking abortion would never say that they were seeking an abortion, because they were having a (insert boy or girl).  Silly common sense.  That’s like saying that a woman can become pregnant from rape.  Oh science – how you baffle me.

Moving on to other trends in “some Asian countries” that will soon be illegal in MO since they are setting the trend in 2013 MO legislation:

Eating yummy delicacies like –

  • pig brains
  • dog
  • spiders

Enjoy more of these buffet options on this slide show:

Come on MO representatives – we are counting on you to produce more bills to be sure that all Asian trends become illegal in MO.  The taxpayers have money to spare to be sure that trends like these and abortions from sex selection become a thing of the past in MO!  Way to spend taxpayer money wisely.

MO residents – be sure to call your representative and tell them how you support your taxpayer money being used to end all Asian inspired bills brought to the MO legislature!




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