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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics


Kansas the land of endless opportunities.  The land where our lawmakers really do believe anything is possible.

Why do you ask?

Our lawmakers in Kansas really believe that they can propose legislation to trump federal laws when it comes to airport security!  God bless their optimism.  Aren’t they adorable?

Kansas House Bill 2175 – has been introduced by Representative Hildebrand – R, Shawnee.  The bill has this colorful language about airline travel and more specifically airport security:

(7) as part of a determination of whether to grant another person
access to a publicly accessible venue or form of transportation,
intentionally and without probable cause:
(A) Touches the genitals, buttocks, anus or female breasts of such
person, including touching through clothing;
(B) removes a child younger than 18 years of age from the physical
custody or control of such child’s parent or legal guardian, or a person
standing in the stead of such child’s parent or legal guardian;
(C) commits a violation of subsection (a) or (b) of K.S.A. 2012 Supp.
21-5412, and amendments thereto; or
(D) harasses, delays, coerces, threatens, intimidates, or denies or
conditions such person’s accessibility because of such person’s refusal to
consent to subsections (a)(7)(A), (a)(7)(B) or (a)(7)(C).
(b) (1) Official misconduct as defined in:
(A) Subsections (a)(1) through (a)(4) is a class

So let’s break this down…shall we?  First, the number of searches done by the TSA – 3%.  Second, I don’t know how old Rep. Hildebrand is, but I sure as hell remember 9/11.  Third, I know there are some bad apples when it comes to the TSA, but for the most part TSA personnel are respectful, dedicated and keeping this country secure.  One bad apples doesn’t require an entire overhaul in security procedures…wait where did I recently hear that before?  (See gun rights lobby)

Now, if it is illegal to take children under 18 away from their parents for screening, you have just opened the door for potential terrorists to put their explosive-of-choice with their child.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the payoff for a suicide bomber is eternity in heaven, bomber jr is headed right there with him to enjoy his virgins.

Also lawmakers, when did we suddenly become so modest?  Similar types of lawmakers don’t seem to have any problems proposing things like forced vaginal ultrasounds on women, but if it comes to gently brushing up on a guy’s testicles in the name of national security suddenly all bets are off?  I believe there was a bomber, Richard Reid,  not too long ago who had bombs in his underwear.  Curious he became known as the “underwear bomber”. Score one for naming creativity America!

Now I’m no social studies wiz kid, but doesn’t federal law trump state law here fellas?  Do we not have enough to do in Topeka?  I’m sure I could figure out something to keep you guys busy.  If not, I’m sure there is a bible study or a prayer breakfast you could go to until something important comes up.

Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on bills like this that are 1. not going anywhere, because of federal law 2. not going to help keep our skies safe from future terrorist attacks a la Richard Reid 3. not respectful of our hard-working  TSA.

I have not forgotten 9/11.  You shouldn’t either.





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