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Dear Kansas lawmakers:

I realize that you are getting ready to pass one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country.  House bill 2253 is under consideration. I read over this monster bill – 70 pages (zzzz…I mean well done!) and I think before you pass it, I wanted to take a moment to point out a few things you left out and some changes I would like you to consider.

From the bill:

(a) At least 24 hours before the abortion the physician who is to
perform the abortion or the referring physician has informed the woman in
writing of:
(1) The name of the physician who will perform the abortion;
(2) a description of the proposed abortion method;
(3) a description of risks related to the proposed abortion method,
including risk of premature birth in future pregnancies, risk of breast
cancer and risks to the woman’s reproductive health and alternatives to the
abortion that a reasonable patient would consider material to the decision
of whether or not to undergo the abortion;

From the American Cancer Society:  Linking these 2 topics creates a great deal of emotion and debate. But scientific research studies have not found a cause-and-effect relationship between abortion and breast cancer.

I would suggest you add to the bill:

a description of risks related to the proposed abortion method, including risk of premature birth in future pregnancies, risk of breast cancer, testicular cancer, erections that can last up to four hours,  a decreased drop in blood pressure, contact your doctor if your erection last more than four hours or if your erection is painful.

Now you are also requesting that all abortion clinics add a visible sign to patients that reads:

It is unlawful for anyone to make you have an abortion against your will, even
if you are a minor. The father of your child must provide support for the
child, even if he has offered to pay for an abortion. If you decide not to
have an abortion, you may qualify for financial help for pregnancy,
childbirth and newborn care. If you qualify, Medicaid will pay or help pay
the cost of doctor, clinic, hospital and other related medical expenses,
including childbirth delivery services and care for your newborn baby.
Many agencies are willing to provide assistance so that you may carry
your child to term, and to assist you after your child’s birth.
I would add:  Unless we decide to repeal Medicaid and ObamaCare.  In that case, you are on your own!  Remember, Republicans believe in individual responsibly – Good luck and God bless!

To this section on coercion, my additions are in bold:

Furthermore, you should know that: (A) It is unlawful for any
individual to coerce you to undergo an abortion, but it is perfectly acceptable for the government to coerce you into not having an abortion.  It is acceptable for the government to use any means necessary including using misleading and even scientifically false medical information.  It is acceptable for the Kansas government to ignore the Constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court finding abortion to be a right of privacy  and attempt to make abortion illegal in the state of Kansas.  It is acceptable to repeatedly traumatize women who face a difficult decision of abortion by running unnecessary and costly tests by the abortion provider.  Coercion is the use of express or implied threats of violence or intimidation to compel a person to act against such person’s will;  It is acceptable to use threats of felonies and lawsuits for medical personnel by the state government to prove our political point regardless of federal law.  It is acceptable for us to be hypocrites when we write this type of legislation.  

Now my motto has always been go big or go home. You have done that with this bill!

Your science is amazing and I can only hope they teach this kind of science in public schools in Kansas.  It is right out of the Todd Akin science book.  From your bill:

the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique,living being

Call me crazy, I think pregnant women may dispute the word “separate” here.  Unless the fetus hangs out next to the woman (talk about awkward), pregnant women have the fetus living in their uterus.  However, I’m open for debate here.  Give me a ring if you find a pregnant women who has their pregnancy with the fetus hanging out separately from them.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but like your bill, I don’t want to put people to sleep.  I hope you take my changes to heart before you vote on your bill.  I can’t wait until you set a precedence for it being o.k. for physicians to deliver medically inaccurate information.  Maybe that means when I go to my allergists they can tell me that allergy shots will make me thin and my chiropractor will tell me that his adjustments to my spine will make me younger.  The possibilities are endless.



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