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Dear Reps in Kansas and Missouri:

I am writing to those of you who voted against the bill known as VAWA.  In case you were confused on what you were voting for earlier this week, let me lay it out for you – it stands for VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT.

Here is the list of shame, I mean a list of people who voted against VAWA:

Representing the great state of Missouri

Rep. Blaine Leukemeyer – R

Rep. Billy Long – R

Rep. Ann Wagner – R (on the voting record it listed only as Wagner. I hope, and I mean seriously God I hope, I have the wrong Wagner.  You would be the only woman I found voting against VAWA).

Representing the great land of Oz

Rep. Mike Pompeo – R

Rep. Tim Huelskamp – R

From what I understand the Republicans who voted against VAWA said they disagreed with the bill because it extended protection to the LGBT community, illegal immigrants and Native Americans.

I guess violence against white women is bad, but gays, Indians and illegals – you’re on your own.  Suck it up people.

Quick question GOP – how’s that re-branding of your party as a more compassionate and inclusive party going?  Just curious.

Sorry..don’t mean to get off track.

I’m guessing that our KS and MO representatives voted against VAWA just because it went with our general Midwestern theme lately of upholding our 2nd amendment rights above all else.  We’ve got a pro-violence theme going on here in the Midwest.  VAWA just doesn’t jive well with that.  We wouldn’t want to look soft now would we?  We are a bunch of bad asses.

I just want to provide an extra gold star shout out to Rep. Huelskamp from my state of Kansas who was one of only NINE GOP Congressman who opposed the Violence Against Women Act in its entirety.  Well done!  One of nine.  That’s something Rep. Huelskamp.

Attention Kansas voters – file that one away in the things we’ll remember for the next election cycle.

Anyway, I think your GOP re-branding strategy is going swimmingly.  I can’t wait to see what is up next.  Maybe there will be some new bill about killing puppies and bunnies or making it illegal for kids to have ice cream that you all can get behind.

Keep up the good work.  The votes for candidates with a D after their name are counting on it!





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