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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

The 70 page abortion bill was debated in Kansas today.  The abortion bill was so broad that it our lawmakers actually spent time debating if it would be ok for parents who worked for family planning clinics to volunteer at their children’s school.

Of course we all know a sex education expert  teaching sex education is out of the question.  However,  our KS lawmakers took it one step further debating if it was o.k. for parents to volunteer at schools doing things like…bring cupcakes to school for children.  Not condom cupcakes, just plan, old-fashioned cupcakes.

So to end the debate, it was agreed that the people who work in family planning clinics will for now on have to wear a large A across all articles of clothing whenever they are in public.  The state of Kansas will provide the large A’s to the family planning workers.  The “A” stands for – abortion provider.

I’m just kidding on the last part – the “A” part. Although I feel bad for giving them the idea.  The rest I’m not kidding.  They did finally allow the bill to be amended so that family planning workers could volunteer at their kid’s school.  (the horror)  They can’t teach kids about sex.

The bill is likely to be passed and will soon become the most restrictive abortion legislation in the nation.  Our new state motto: Welcome to Kansas – Knocked up? Not Ready? Sucks to be you!

I know the KS representatives are patting each other on the back, but before you throw yourself a huge kegger celebrating your success, I just want you to pause for a moment and think about something…

Just because you take access away, doesn’t mean the demand goes away.  Women will still seek abortion.

Where will they go?  Not to the back alleys of the 1950s.  They will go online. They will go to the same place that women living in highly abortion restrictive  countries go to find abortion pills go.

They will order unregulated abortion pills and they will die.  The stats from this story are alarming.  1 in 10 women taking abortion pills ordered online end up needing surgery due to complications.  

They can go to this pharmacy where you can “buy one and get one free.”

This is truly disturbing.  Instead of making sure women are safe and supervised by a physician when seeking out an abortion in a medically supervised environment, politicians are now driving women to websites like these for a “buy one get one free” abortion.  I’m sure if women were seeking out self injecting Botox, our government would be all over to make sure it was safe and regulated.

I honestly understand why people don’t want their tax payer money going towards abortion.  As much as I disagree, I get it.  Is there no room for compromise?  Is it too late?  I don’t want to see Kansas women having to seek out websites like these for their abortions.  I don’t want women risking their lives doing a procedure on their own when they should be medically supervised.  Abortion is a safe procedure.  Why drive women to websites like these?  We keep saying things like abortion is only ok if the life of the mother is at risk.  If women are seeking abortions from websites like these, aren’t their lives at risk?  Doesn’t this qualify?

I can’t come up with anything funny to write about, because it just makes me sad.

Kansas – Don’t do this.  Don’t leave our women in Kansas in a desperate situation.  Don’t force them to seek out dangerous alternatives when they can have safe alternatives here in Kansas.  We can leave taxpayer money out of it.  Just leave them alone.  Let’s not leave women a “buy one, get one free” abortion option.  



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