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Great things are happening at the Kansas legislature!

Yesterday it was passing a huge abortion bill. 

Today it was debating new stripper laws.

What do both of these things have in common?

If you said the focus on a woman’s vagina – you are correct!

It seems that the Kansas legislature is obsessed with the female anatomy.  Both inside and out.  (Ba dum tshhh…Thanks..I’ll be here all week.  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses and try the Prime Rib!)

“We can’t seem to stop talk about the female body.  Yes, we realize that there are other things that need to happen in Kansas.  Our kids need to get educated.  We know we need to attract new business to Kansas. But hey, we are men.   One day it’s abortion and the next day it’s lap dances. Give a fella a break.” anonymous source.

Now the “lap dance” legislation was struck down today, but not after much debate and many twitter jokes.  

“If we are really considering becoming a state without income tax, we need our strip clubs to attract people.  Why else would people come to Kansas?  We don’t have oceans like Washington and Florida.  We can’t compete with Nevada with Vegas.  The best we can do is offer some great strip clubs.  Every year we debate strip clubs so we can attract the stripper lobby to Topeka.”  

What’s on the agenda for next week for our hard working Kansas lawmakers?  Probably some great boob or ass legislation.  


One thought on “#KSleg committed to debating vaginas

  1. john says:

    Can’t wait till your next blog, they are now getting, interesting. :-):-):-)

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