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This just in…another day, another more restrictive abortion law coming straight out of the heartland.

Oh hell, what’s new about that?

Not much.

This time it’s from the right side – the MO side.  I guess it depends which way I’m traveling down State Line.  Today, MO is on my right.  Right is also the political way the state is leaning with this abortion legislation they want to expand.  

However, right is not what this legislation is.

So here is my summary of the law.

Doctor has a woman who wants an abortion – contraception that is not abortion like sterilization and the morning after pill.  FYI – I’ve said it before and I’m saying it now, the morning after pill is NOT an abortion.  This is a common misconception.  Anyway, doc decides he is morally and religiously opposed.  Doc said, no way Jose am I telling you anything about abortion or Plan B.  You are on your own sister – this includes rape victims, victims of incest, etc. etc. The ONLY exceptions are women whose lives are in danger. This means if Betty has an ectopic pregnancy and her life is in danger, she has to be sick enough to show life ending distress, then doc can refer her to a hospital/doctor for a life-saving abortion.

Until then – sorry charlie.  If you want an abortion, I suggest you look up “A” in the yellow pages.  Gen Y – google yellow pages.

Now, a doctor can’t suddenly decide one day to have a moral objection.  Doctor has to have a track record of believing in the man upstairs.  However, I wonder what happens if doctor is “saved” one day?  I heard it happens.  Google – Stephen Baldwin for more info on saving.  Probably some readers of this blog are hoping it happens to me.   I guess time will tell.

There are so many issues with this, but I will work on two biggies.

Let’s start with #1 – the religious objection.  The religious objection is with the 10 commandments – thou shall not murder (is it shall or shalt? I always get them confused).  So you can say you are morally opposed because of commandment #6.  I understand that, but what about commandment #9?  If a woman goes to a doctor and says “Doctor I don’t want to continue this pregnancy is there anything I can do?  Is there anyone I can go to?”  Aren’t you lying if you say “no”?  Huge moral debate here.  Not to mention the big debate over the rights of the physician vs. the rights of the woman.  Holy ethical mess!  If someone wants to buy me a beer (or a few) we can debate this one.  I don’t have an answer.

#2.  I’m getting pretty tired of legislation every single day involving abortion from both sides of the state line.  How about this ladies…

Let’s go back to 411 BC – to the Greek play Lysistrata.  Women wanted to end the Peloponnesian War so guess what they did?  They withheld sex! (gasp from my male readers.) I’m sure all of this legislation would end and we would stop having this debate every single freaking day if women just would withhold the one thing causing all of this debate in the first place.  

The power of the…

OK, this is a “G” rated show.  Or at least PG 13.

Easy for me to say…I’m divorced and not currently dating.

I highly doubt we can get all Lysistrata over this whole thing, but it is a thought.  

I think most people would agree…a very, very lonely thought.



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