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OK, I had to type urgent to keep your attention on this one.

We are all familiar traditional high school sports:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

Well get ready to add a new one to the list –

bass fishing.bass

Load up the boat, the rod and the beer.  No wait, not the beer – these are high school kids we are talking about here.

There is a proposal from a high school teacher to add bass fishing to the list of high school zzzzzz.

Sorry I feel asleep for a second.

To the list of high school sports.

From KSHB Action News:

In order to make bass fishing a sport, there needs to be a new category of high school sports.  This category is called the “sedentary” category.  Along with bass fishing, other sports kids can letter in include:

  • Knitting
  • Bird Watching
  • Coin Collecting

“We are excited to have sports that don’t require actual sweating.” said a school administrator

Now there is the obvious problem of  kids who don’t have access to fully stocked lakes with fish.  Administrators are exploring ways to make it fair like toddler pools with fish.  However, they are finding these pools can only accommodate one to two fish per pool.  This leads to problems with the competition being over in five to six minutes.

Another opposition is from a few fish who are mounting a pretty aggressive Facebook campaign against the sport.  However, the Facebook opposition doesn’t seem to have many supporters with not many fish having access to computers and very few having fingers or thumbs.

On the plus side, kids who compete will get a very cute fish pin to add to their letter jackets.



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