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Sad and shocking news from my side today as the Democratic leaders removed the assault weapons ban from firearm legislation.

Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to bring a gun bill to the Senate with enough support to overcome any Republican efforts to block debate. And he says he was concerned that opposition to the assault weapons ban would block passage of any bill at all. Many Democrats think a ban on large-capacity magazines has a better chance of getting 60 votes.

News flash Harry – the Republicans are going to attempt to block and any all efforts to enact new gun legislation.    I think 1st term Obama can give you a little lesson in how well that works. Democrats give a little and the Republicans don’t give at all.  Works like a charm.

Anyway, as my resigned feeling of defeat was setting in, I started exploring where I had felt this kind of disappointment before.  Gun control is always something I had felt strongly about.  Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine were all terrible tragedies, but I have been passionate about gun control ever since I was a young gal starting out in Washington DC with high hopes that maybe…just maybe…I could make a difference.  (insert patriotic music)

Once upon a time there were a million moms.

Ok maybe just 750,000, but we were all moms.

Ok I wasn’t a mom, but one day I knew I was going to be a mom.

Oh hell…at that time I didn’t know I was going to be a mom…but I was there.

It was an amazing event.  The mall was filled with people and we were all passionate about gun control.

Everyone was out there on a hot, sunny day and I was chilling in the “celebrity” tent as an event volunteer.

The point was we were all there and we were all there to save lives!

Yes that’s Melissa Ethridge and Reece Witherspoon.  Courtney Love was there.  Susan Sarandon and I were BFFs for the day (ok, maybe she just posed with me for this picture).

I have no idea who is with me on that very bottom pick – this was 13 years ago.  Give a girl a break.

Before you start sending me comments – I am very aware that you can see my iPhone taking a picture of my pictures.  I need to get me one of those scanner thingys. I’m not above donations…message me for details.

As inspirational as Rosie’s speech was 13 years ago, the sad reality is that not much as changed and with what happened today with the firearm bill, I am bracing for more disappointment. The part that sucks is there are no celebrities or a bright sunny day at the mall to help soften my disappointment.  Just me looking at old pictures…

The Million Mom March in 20003.19.13 001 3.19.13 002 3.19.13 004 3.19.13 006 3.19.13 007


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