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Dear #KSleg,

Psst..I’ve got a little secret.  I know you are debating the “second amendment protection act” today.

Before you continue, if you could be so kind to take a  second to read this.

Love the bill name by the way.  Talk about political spin.  Let’s rename that bill for the sake of this blog.  Let’s call it the “ignore the federal government and any gun regulations bill”.

See..spin works both ways.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way.  I want to share with you a little nugget of information from our fine friends across the state line in Missouri.  See Missouri attempted to exempt birth control coverage from mandatory federal coverage.  The bill went to court and guess what happened?

If you said the judge found in favor of Missouri you would be…


Why?  It has to do with the Constitution.  That document containing the 2nd amendment. Well, turns out it does more than talk about guns.  It also talks about the federal government trumping state government in the pyramid of authority.

You can debate your ignore the federal government and any gun regulations bill all you want, but in the end you are only going to end up costing KS taxpayers a ton of money.

I am a Kansas taxpayer.  It is no secret that I am no gun lover.  However, this isn’t a blog post about my position on guns.  This is, however, a blog post on my position on wasteful tax dollar spending.  I almost sound like a Republican.  Republican or Democrat, you can’t deny that is exactly what is happening here.

My gut feeling is this is a political stunt to get re-elected.  If so, how about just posting a YouTube video saying how much you love your guns.  I think that will do about the same thing and not cost so many hard-working Kansans our tax money.

The point is – stop wasting my money.  If you need something to do I’m sure that Kansas taxpayers can come up with a whole list of things you can do besides trying to out rank the Federal government.

You will lose.  I will bet my tax dollars on it.


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