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Dear Andy,

It pains me to write this letter, but I feel like it’s time.  I’ve been a faithful viewer of the Real Housewives (insert city) since the beginning.  The reasons were simple really. Every week from my modest, Midwestern  home I got a glimpse into the fabulous life of how the upper class live.  I felt like I knew a Countess living in New York.  I fantasized about living in Jill Zarin’s amazing New York apartment.  I wanted a house in Orange County like Vicki.  Maybe one day I could have a closet like Melissa’s from New Jersey?  For an hour, I forgot about the bills I had to pay, the dinner I had to cook and the dull job I had to go to.  It was an escape….a wonderful escape.

The formula of the show is brilliant   Women naturally talk about each other mostly out of concern and sometimes out of jealousy.  Add a camera filming the conversations and reporting back to the woman being talked about.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens. Lots and lots of screaming, tears and in the case of New Jersey…a famous table flipping incident.

However, things seemed to have gotten out of hand.  The more outrageous the better.

I don’t have to tell you all about this. You have filmed countless reunion episodes where this fighting has reached epic levels.  Screaming matches that looked like punches were about to be thrown.  Sometimes they almost were. You even received your own shove from New Jersey housewife Teresa. I was watching that night.

I started questioning the franchise a while ago when I started reading things on the internet.  There are some Housewives that are bankrupt, others that don’t own their homes.  I watched one get served her eviction notice on the show.  How “Real” are these housewives anyway?  I started to feel a little bit like my fantasy world of the rich and famous were not so rich after all.

Then there was the suicide of Russell Armstrong, the husband of Taylor Armstrong on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I stopped watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after that.  My conscious couldn’t take it. It wasn’t that I felt like the franchise caused the suicide, more it was the decision to keep Taylor on the show after her husband’s suicide that I couldn’t handle.  My need to see how the other half lived wasn’t that desperate.

Now, the stiletto hit the fan again with some of the cast from the Real Housewives of New Jersey facing assault charges with a physical fight.

I don’t know all the details to this fight…who started it, why it started.  I’m sure if I tune into Bravo I’ll have a chance to see the whole thing play out.  I have no doubt your cameras were rolling.

Do I think Bravo made people punch each other?


Do I think things like a big fight improve your ratings?


I’m signing off.  I can’t do it anymore.  People getting hurt and arrested is too much for me.  I’ll take my modest house, paying my bills and my drab clothes over that any day.

I think you are super cool and I still wish we were besties.  Good luck with your Real Housewives franchise.  If you can bring it back to the original flare  of great houses, amazing clothes and dynamic women you may regain a viewer.  Until then – stay fabulous Andy.

Yours in peace and a good cocktail,



One thought on “Andy Cohen – Why I’m quitting Bravo and the Real Housewives

  1. It’s that old key hole on the window thing IMO. As a former writer and do my best to watch only truley scripted entertainment. My wife on the other hand follows these shows for the fashion, so she says, and perhaps the relationship feeling with the cast. Like you, I think it goes too far when people are perhaps pushed into situations that permanently change lives. Its like the shows producers are working to make that key hole a bit smaller.

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