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There is an interesting story developing from our neighbors to the south.  Cue the annoying song from the musical of the same name –

OKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the plane. And the waving wheat will sure smell sweet when the..blah blah blah

OK so I forgot the last part. Maybe I even screwed up the first part.  Either way, you now have that song stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

So stick with me here, because this story get C.O.N.F.U.S.I.N.G.

Point #1 – there are two Oklahoma Joe’s.  There is the Kansas City Oklahoma Joe’s and the Oklahoma Oklahoma Joe’s.  They know each other, but the restaurants are not affiliated.  They look similar. The menus are similar.  However, they are NOT the same restaurant.  To the KC Joe, I’m no business genius,  you might want to change things up for the future in case shit like this happens again.

The Oklahoma Joe in OK decided to hold a fundraiser to send kids to Camp Quest.  A portion of their proceeds would go to send kids to Camp Quest – a science camp.  The fundraiser was April 8 – 4 p.m. to close with 10% of proceeds going to send kids to the camp.

Who can’t get behind sending kids to camp?

Turns out Oklahoma Joe’s of Oklahoma can’t get behind sending kids to camp, because the night of the fundraiser this happened –



Oklahoma Joe’s of OK cancels the fundraiser that night and turns away supporters of the camp and their families during the fundraiser.

Turns out Camp Quest is a science camp that teaches – “integrity, empathy, creativity, critical thinking and community”.

The horror!  Oh and they are atheist.

Now damn Camp Quest for not “disclosing their beliefs”.  It took me a whole 2 clicks before I could read their mission statement on their website.  I guess Oklahoma Joe’s of Oklahoma did not expect to have to actually read anything.  Maybe they were expecting an interpretive dance or a song of Camp Quest’s beliefs before agreeing to do the fundraiser?

Ok – so Oklahoma Joe’s has a right to support or not support any group they choose to.  That’s the American way.  It is incredibly crappy that they decided, because of their lack of due diligence,  to shut the whole thing down the night of the fundraiser.  Bad form Oklahoma Joe’s of Oklahoma!

Here’s my really big issue – Oklahoma Joe’s of Oklahoma suddenly has a “Christian philosophy”?  What kind of “Christian philosophy” exactly? What the heck does that mean?

I looked on the Oklahoma Joe’s website to see what Christian philosophy they were willing to disclose.

Unlike Camp Quest’s atheist philosophy which was 2 clicks away – the Oklahoma Joe’s Christian philosophy wasn’t anywhere to be found. Now they were having a Gospel Sunday Brunch.  That my friends is no “Christian philosophy .  The House of Blues has a Gospel Sunday Brunch and I wouldn’t consider them a Christian company.

So Oklahoma Joe’s – Are you Hobby Lobby Christian?  If so, I’ll get my ribs in Tulsa elsewhere.   Are you put a fish on your business Christian?  Is your company Christian, because you, Oklahoma Joe, are Christian?

I don’t have anything against Christianity except for radical Christianity, but is it fair to declare your Christian philosophy only this way and not to have it prominently displayed?  Shouldn’t customers know about your religious convictions before they make a choice where to get their ribs?

Why should any of this matter?  Well, Oklahoma Joe from OK, you made it matter.  So much so that your Facebook page and Twitter feeds are both down. I’m assuming this is not from people flooding these sites leaving raving reviews about your ribs.

I’ll tell you what, while you figure this whole thing out, I’ll enjoy some BBQ chicken and yummy fries from Kansas City Oklahoma Joe’s and see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Check this out! Oklahoma Joe’s in OK is far from OK

  1. bobarmi says:

    Maybe this is what changed their minds, Oh by the way it was only one click to find the info:

    Mary Eversole, Camp Quest Oklahoma Representative
    Mary started her involvement with Camp Quest Texas, and served as the Camp Quest Texas Camp Director in 2011. She wanted to bring the Camp Quest experience to families closer to home, and so she is working with members of the Atheists of Oklahoma (A-OK), and the Atheist Community of Tulsa (ACT) to start Camp Quest Oklahoma. In addition to her work with Camp Quest, Mary is a certified massage therapist. She and her husband Kevin are members of the Tulsa Atheist Alliance. They also own a tattoo and body piercing shop.

    The bio from the Michigan guy is a hoot: Jeff Duncan believes that helping to inoculate children against the harmful effects of superstitious thought.

    1. Agreed on the MI guy. Thanks for commenting. You figured it out in one click?

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