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Dear Rep. Dennis Johnson:

I don’t normally follow Oklahoma state politics, but as a neighbor to the north in Kansas, a story involving you caught my attention.  I understand you were debating the virtues of small business owners and somehow when discussing it you suggested that, “They might try to Jew me down on a price. That’s fine … that’s free market as well.”

You were then handed a note that probably read something like,


After that note you went on to say while laughing, “I apologize to the Jews.  They’re good small businessmen as well.”

Oh that’s hilarious.  It makes my side hurt from laughing.  Thanks schmuck.  Oh, in case you aren’t familiar with the term “schmuck” it’s Yiddish for friend.

I agree. I mean Mark Zuckerberg sure does run a great little business. Or Sergey Brin – you should take time to Google him.  He is another Jew with a great little small business.  When you google his small business I would type in G.O.O.G.L.E.  He co-founded that small little mom and pop shop called Google.

Anyway, after you realized you really stepped in it, you went on to offer an apology that went something like this…

“It just came out of one of the wrinkles of my brain and it was not something that was intentional,”

I would iron out that wrinkle if I were you.  Some of the things you would probably find if you did iron it out would be phrases like,

  • broads
  • coloreds
  • wetbacks…no wait, that was another Republican recently.

I’m sure if I googled “offensive phrases from the 1950’s” it would resemble the wrinkles of your brain. I’m sure the Republicans are thanking you for continuing to further their re-branding effort.

One thing I can sincerely thank you for is reminding me why I am NOT for giving more power to the states.  People like you do  not need any more power.


The Jew






2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Rep. Dennis Johnson from one of “The Jews”

  1. reddirtbetty says:

    I agree with your comments, but unfortunately his slur will probably just help him get re-elected in Oklahoma. Our elected officials don’t exactly scream diversity or tolerance here.

  2. My comment is unprintable but think the worst thing I could say and imagine it about two times worse and you will get close.

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