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I bet Firefighters can get 1,000,000 fans before Cops.
This was a status update on Facebook that caught my attention this morning.
I use Facebook like most people.  I have “friends” that I haven’t seen in 20 years.  I brag about my kid like most parents.  (She scored a goal in her last soccer game! Go Purple Unicorns!)
Back to this status update.
I bet Firefighters can get 1,000,000 fans before Cops.
At a time when we applaud all first responders, why the heck would anybody make a competition out of “liking” one group over the other?
I continued reading.

IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS POST, READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE RESPONDING……. This is not about any “competition” it’s about news coverage

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT to the Boston Bombing victims and losses, we are completely disgusted with the national news media’s coverage of the West, Texas explosion. Texas’s 14 confirmed dead, hundreds hospitalized and displaced and dozens are STILL unaccounted for deserves more attention, coverage and respect than it is getting. Each of our postings show that some people have still not even heard about it.

We apologize to our fans for inundating you with these reports and post about this small community, but 9 of the confirmed 14 losses were firefighters trying to save their community. They deserve our focus!

West Texas is where the fertilizer plant blew up.  Such a terrible tragedy that devastated an entire town. The group who put this out is dedicated to Fire Fighters.  So the header is accurate.  It is a competition. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around how many ways this wrong.  First, and I hate to even have to point this out, there should never be a competition comparing heroes.  Second, if you wrote this to get people to read it…  that is a sick way to get people to get engaged in reading your message no matter how well-meaning your message may be.

You may want more coverage on West Texas and that is admirable, but I disagree that the coverage isn’t getting “respect”.  It is mind-blowing how unfortunate that our country is facing two massive tragedies at the same time. What is fair when it comes to media coverage?  It’s odd to me to be jealous.  Also, maybe people just aren’t tuned in and that is why they haven’t heard about the tragedy.

I think I echo most people when I am in awe of the bravery of all firefighters and police in all communities when they respond to tragedies involving one or hundreds.  No one tragedy is more important than the other.

People will show support for the fallen heroes in Texas because it is how we feel.  We should not be made to feel guilty in order to do it.  The American people feel compassion, because that is what makes this country great.


Donate to help the victims in West Texas:

The American Red Cross


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