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I suddenly felt a chill go up my spine Thursday alerting me that something was up.  I remembered that chill.  It was the same chill I had from the last election.

My senses were right.  Sure enough Todd Akin was in the news again.

Speaking about his statement about “legitimiate rape” he said recently in an interview, “Of course,” Akin replied. “Of course you regret it. You think what it would have been like if I hadn’t done that.”

Ah..regret.  I think we’ve all experienced it.  For me, it’s currently in the form of my profile.

For Akin, it’s from his unfortunate statement.  Not the belief mind you…just the statement.

Akin goes on.

“I misspoke one word in one sentence on one day, and all of a sudden, overnight, everybody decides, ‘Well, Akin can’t possibly win,'” he said in a separate interview hosted by Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, the Associated Press reported. “Well, I don’t agree with that.”

I have also  “misspoke” on MANY occasions so I don’t judge too harshly. You should see me when I have one too many cosmos.  Talk about some serious misspeaking.  I like to call it my “Akinisms”.

Oh hell, who am I kidding?  When it comes to Todd Akin I judge very harshly.  Even with my own tendency to have regrets and to put myself in positions where I misspoke one too many sentences in my life, there are a whole host of reasons why Todd Akin lost to Clare McCaskill.  This sentence was a drop in the bucket.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?

  • Todd Akin compared Claire McCaskill to a dog.
  •  In 2012, Akin was one of 24 to vote against the Training and Research for Autism Improvements Nationwide Act; 147 Republicans voted for it. AGOP press release described this as an effort to “advance training and education for autism service providers” so that “autistic children and adults can lead fuller, happier and healthier lives.”

Dude – who votes against kids with autism?

  • Akin wants a constitutional amendment declaring life begins at conception.


I could go on and on and on, but I think you get my point.

Regrets or not, it is game over for this cat.



One thought on “Todd Akin has regrets? This should be good.

  1. The man doesn’t regret what he believes or what he said. He regrets that it cost him. And that’s the scariest part of all.

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