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First an apology,  I know I have been writing a new post almost every day.  It’s 5:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  See, the past week it’s been a trifecta of my issues all at once – G.C.G. I call it.  Guns, Contraception and Gay Rights.  It’s been the perfect storm hitting all at once.

Enough with my hot button topics already!  If you ran into me these days you would say, “Girlfriend needs her beauty sleep.”  I admittedly look a little rough.  I blame current events and my new low carb diet.

Ok..we move on to the C of my G.C.G.

Contraception – A judge ruled that Emergency Contraception must be sold over-the-counter to females 15 years of age and older.  I’m convinced he watched an episode of MTV’s Teen Moms before making this ruling.  EC was only available to girls with a prescription prior to the ruling.  The judge ruled that since EC was available to females under 17 with a prescription that the FDA was overreaching its bounds having EC available only with a prescription.  The judge found the extra step unnecessary for minors with such a time sensitive product (EC has to be used within 3 days of unprotected sex).

As quick as I was throwing the confetti and pouring the drinks for my Emergency Contraception Celebration Party, the Justice Department issued a statement late yesterday that they were going to appeal the ruling.

Quick get the vacuum, party is over.

Obama, seriously?

From the Justice Department,

“The Court’s Order interferes with an thereby undermines the regulatory procedures governing FDA’s drug approval process. A drug approval decision involves scientific judgment as to whether statutory and regulatory factors are met that warrant deference to those charges with the statutory responsibility to make those decisions.”

Um..that’s a whole lot of lawyer speak.  However, there has been no proven scientific evidence stating that females 17 years of age and younger shouldn’t take EC.  In fact, EC can be given to females 17 years of age and younger WITH a prescription so what’s the difference?  Females 17 years of age and younger can READ which is the only requirement to taking EC correctly.

Parents quick cover your eyes- 30% of 15 and 16 olds are having sex.

Now opponents of having EC available to minors are worried about serious effects which are (brace yourself)

  • Nausea
  • Headaches

They are also concerned that minors won’t understand that EC doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  This may be more of a shout out to stop states from cutting school funding so we can continue to improve our literacy rates.  It says it doesn’t protect against STDs right on the box.  Oh that reading thing…we can’t expect our teens to actually read since they are spending all that time having sex.

Raise a baby they didn’t intend on having we are fine with.

Read a box warning them about STDS…well that’s another story.

There are far more dangerous drugs on our drug store shelves that teens can get their hands on.  This is nothing more than a political hot button topic that is hurting females.

Shame the Justice Department for attempting to overturn this important ruling.


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