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I think it’s a tad of an understatement that Obama is having a pretty crappy week.  The problem is that these scandals are going to do some damage and it isn’t just contained to the Obama presidency.  I can hear the headlines for the next campaign –

“Democrats targeted Conservatives! Make sure your (insert issue – taxes, guns, soldiers) are safe. Vote Republican!”

The one thing I always counted on was, provided enough rope, the Conservatives always managed to hang themselves.  Turns out Democrats are the one using the rope on ourselves.

The top 5 scandals that have me going…seriously?  Where is the hope Obama?

5.  IRS targeting Tea Party groups.  This is going to get B-A-D.  The worst part is I see liberal groups responding, “they did it during the Reagan administration.” Sorry guys that was 30 years ago.  That response is also BS.  It’s WRONG no matter how much I can’t stand the Tea Party!

4.  Department of Justice seizes journalists’ records.  Even I know that journalists and the Obama administration have never had a love fest.  Looks like things got even colder in this love fest.  How about turning that temp frigid.

3.  The gun control debate that never really was.  All that talk about Sandy Hook never really amounted to anything.  All of your supporters were hyped up for real change and all we got was a lot of talk.  Forget about any real hope.

2.  CIA caught in Russia for spying.  The cold war erupts again in Russia.  Might want to ask yourself WWRD?  (What would Reagan do)

1.  Finally Benghazi – the scandal that never was that won’t go away.

Please President Obama show this loyal Democrat some hope and if possible some change.  Start with yourself and your administration.  Don’t blow it for all future Democrats.  Our next campaign cycle depends on it.



One thought on “Top 5 reasons I could use some of Obama’s “hope” right now.

  1. bobarmi says:

    Poor little Aimee, rough week eh? I know you are somewhat fanciful when it come to Berry, but it’s time to wake up. All those things he promised to do, it’s so cute that you actually believed him. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, and I don’t think his court jester can get the media behind him again. The faithful hounds don’t like it when the fox sneaks in and takes a peek under their skirts to see their dirty underwear. You see the thing about a liar is, even when he tells the truth you just can’t believe him anymore. Now drink your Koolaid and go back to sleep, it was all just a bad dream.

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