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There is a drama here Kansas City over our airport.  I’m calling it, “The Days of Our MCI”.  (Insert Hour Glass)

Once upon a time there was a simple, little airport in the shape of a  three-leaf clover. Each clover represented the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit of Aviation.

Ok..maybe I made that last part up.

Anyway, MCI was a happy little airport, totally unaware that the other airports around the country were getting facelifts and implants funded from their trust funds and wealthy parents.  The other airports had things like airport malls with high-end retailers, full-service restaurants and state-of-the-art security.  Not, MCI…the jets referred to MCI as the airport that wasn’t great in the looks department, but had a dazzling personality.  Sure MCI had cracks around the edges, not enough potties past security and was empty after 10 p.m.

Finally, the time had come for little MCI to face the music.  A dazzling personality couldn’t carry MCI much further.  Would MCI be forced to get the Swan make-over?  Would MCI lose some of that dazzling personality in the process?  Where was daddy going to get the money?

Next time on The Days of Our MCI…


Side note:

Before we all go crazy on an airport redesign that will cost an estimated $1.2 billion (with a “B”), how about if we tackle a slightly more pressing problem?

Kansas City needs to increase the number of available hotel room spaces to attract more convention business.  An airport redesign only makes sense if this happens first.

Some numbers to back up my point:

Kansas City – 197 hotels, 29,903 available sleeping rooms

St. Louis: 201 hotels, 60,870 available sleeping rooms

Louisville: 185 hotels, 20,503 available sleeping rooms

Louisville?  I love Louisville, but we should be kicking their butt when it comes to convention business, not in a tie.  St. Louis is killing us.  I would totally buy into an airport redesign if we had a booming convention business in this town.  We don’t and can’t because we don’t have enough hotel room space.  Why not invest in a large convention hotel, increase the number of conventions we bring into this city and then justify an airport redesign after we show more convention business coming into KC?

We’ve got the Mennonites coming to town in 2019.  No offense towards the Mennonites, but I can’t believe they are going to be tearing up our Power and Light scene.

Once I sat on a flight out of MCI next to a Mennonite.  I asked her a ton of questions.  She rocked and answered all of them.  I know I was annoying as hell.  Here’s a shout out to my Mennonite Home Girl if you’re reading this.  You can keep my People Magazine.  No worries.



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