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Holy Hollywood Blockbuster in the making!  The National Security Agency scandal hit America hard this past week.  Turns out the U.S. government is monitoring our cell phones, Facebook and other social media looking for patterns in our behavior in order to keep us safe.

How do we know the government has been spying on us?  A 29-year-old guy living a dream life in Hawaii making over 200k per year was working for Booz Allen Hamilton and decided he had enough and was the whistle-blower in the whole operation.  Now he is hiding out in a Hong Kong hotel kissing his ass goodbye.

Alert…Alert…Hollywood get on this one.  I pick Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg for the lead.  Possible title – “Whistle-blower”.  If the government was in the movie making business, this baby could net enough to clear our national debt.

In all seriousness, our right to privacy has been violated.  Freedom is something this great country was founded on.  Privacy and freedom go hand in hand.  Our founding fathers came to this country to establish a government that was by the people and for the people.  Having a government that can monitor what we are doing, saying and writing is against everything this nation was founded on.

Americans by nature are private people.  We like our conversations private.  What we do, how we live and our opinions are not for public viewing by anyone and especially the government even if it is to keep us safe from terrorism.

One sec…I’ve got to take a poll on Facebook to see what I should cook for dinner tonight.  It’s between a tuna casserole and chicken fajitas.

Ok..I’m back.  Tuna casserole it is.  Thanks Facebook friends!  Where was I? Oh yes, privacy….

Privacy is something this nation was founded on.  We should not compromise that for a safer nation or we lose the one thing that…

Sorry – I”m running errands today.  I need to check in on FourSquare at Starbucks.

Cool – now I need to tweet where I’m headed in case one of my twitter friends wants to meet for lunch.


“Getting eyebrows waxed and a bang trim. Whose up for a quick lunch? #momswholunch #browscape”

…makes this nation great.  Privacy is something I cherish. I, like most Americans, am a very private person. So  here is the message government – stop monitoring our information.  Go back to what made this country great – our right to privacy and our freedom.

OMG!  I’ve got to cut this short, my toddler just pooped on the potty.  Quick, I need to go post that on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “The NSA scandal – Americans are private people

  1. Brian Jones says:

    Amen Amiee

  2. Susan Vento says:

    Hi there,
    I just have a quick question about your blog! Please email me when you get a chance.

    1. Just sent an email! Thanks

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