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Dear Sen. Osmond,

A story about you in the Huffington Post caught my eye today. I’ll admit, I first clicked on the story, because of the name Osmond.  I am a child of the 70s and 80s – a big fan of Donny and Marie.

donny and marieI even had the dolls.

Now that we got that out of the way…

I read your article, “A Practical Argument for Ending Compulsory Education in Utah”.  

From your article,

“First, we need to restore the expectation that parents are primarily responsible for the educational success of their own children. That begins with restoring the parental right to decide if and when a child will go to public school. In a country founded on the principles of personal freedom and unalienable rights, no parent should be forced by the government to send their child to school under threat of fines and jail time.”

Sounds amazing.   I give you two snaps for believing that, in America, parents will always choose to educate their children. Don’t want to educate Johnny?  No problem according to Sen. Osmond.

Can I make a few little suggestions while we all throw off the shackles of forced education in America?

1.  Increase prison sizes.  We are going to have a wee problem here in America.  See if we stop educating children unless parents want it, we are going to have to increase the number of jails in America.  Why? It’s safe to assume that our illiteracy rates will go up and that will mean more crime.

“85 percent of all juveniles who come into contact with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate. So are 60 percent of all prison inmates.

– See more at:

What’s a little spike in illiteracy if the greater outcome is choice in America?

2.  Be ready for an increase in the number of welfare recipients.  See according to the Population Reference Bureau, only 7% of the US Population included married couples with children where the husband worked.

What difference does that make?  A lot if I’m a working, single mother and I choose not to send my child to public school.  I will have to have time to educate my child at the pace I choose.  I may choose 8 hours per day.  That means no more working for me!  Woohoo!

In order for this not to seem racist, you will need to provide the same opportunity to everyone not just the rich, suburban, white kids.

How many urban families do you know that homeschool?  Probably not many.

From the National Center for Education Statistics:

“More White students were homeschooled than Black or Hispanic students or students from other racial/ethnic groups, and White students constituted the majority of homeschooled students (77 percent).”

3.  Revoke child labor laws.  Let’s send the little kiddos back to the factories.  If mom and dad decide not to educate little Johnny, the least he could do is work a good 8 hour day.  Think about the boom to the American economy!  Maybe that will offset the rise in welfare recipients.

I’m a divorced mom with a child in public school.  I could really use the 2nd income right now.  Given this option, I may take my little sweetheart out of public school and put her to work.  Yes, she is only 7, but mama’s got to pay the bills.  Now that I won’t be forced by the government to school my child, I can finally get high-speed internet with our 2nd income.

So more prisons and more welfare recipients, but no pesky government forcing people to educate our children.  Sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

Yours in the dumbing down of America,




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