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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

In case you were on Royal baby watch and missed this little gem – I’ll catch you up on some fascinating news about Geraldo Rivera.  See Exhibit A.

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Mr. Tequila Rivera.  So here is the 411 on how this little problem happened.  

Geraldo couldn’t sleep so, like you do, he opened a bottle of tequila.

Move forward to Geraldo after a few drinks of Mr. Tequila.

Enter Mr. Tequila Rivera.

Mr. Tequila Rivera looks at himself in the mirror for a little mandiration – (man admiration).  He thinks “Damn I look good for 70.”

Ok…hold it right here.  Geraldo is 70?  How did that happen?  Having an I feel old moment.

(pause for weeping)

Ok I’m back.

Mr. Tequila Rivera decided in all of his tequila wisdom that it would be super appropriate to share himself with the world using this new technology called Twitter and his cell phone camera.

Mr. Tequila Rivera tweets out this super appropriate pic of himself and suddenly the whole world wants to remove our eyeballs, wash them off and insert them in our eyes again.  

(Please hold for Royal baby emerging from hospital moment! Nope…nothing yet. What are they doing with that baby – dipping him in gold before they send him home?  Get on with it already I have blogs to write.)

Anyhoo..turns out when Mr. Tequila Rivera turns back into Mr. Geraldo Rivera the regret sets in.  We are all right there with you buddy.  We feel as bad as you do.  We all can’t un-live that moment.

However, what we can all do is sympathize.  We have all been there.  Well not exactly tweeting out half naked pics of ourselves (pause..currently googling self to be sure there aren’t any half naked pictures of Tequila Aimee out there).

Like I said, we haven’t tweeted out half naked pics of ourselves (whew).  Next time when you can’t sleep how about do as thousands of Americans do every night  – go for the Ambien and eat yourself to sleep.







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