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Dear God, it’s me Aimee.

I’m sure you have been paying lots of attention to our great state of North Carolina, specifically Rowan County.  I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but for the readers here’s a little 411 on what down in Rowan County, NC recently:

Rowan County holds regular Board of Commissioner meetings.  At the start of their meetings, the Board of Commissioners prays. They don’t just have a moment of silence, but they get SUPER specific and pray to Jesus.

From the Salisbury Post

“The lawsuit says that 139 out of 143 board meetings from Nov. 5, 2007, through the present, began with sectarian prayer. The four non-sectarian prayers were delivered by former Commissioner Raymond Coltrain, the lawsuit said.

Board members’ prayers have varied in style, the suit said, closing with phrases like, “in the name of Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,” “in the name of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ,” and sometimes simply, “in Jesus’ name.”

Now I’m not quite sure what happened during the 4 meetings when there were non-sectarian prayers said, but one can only assume it was complete anarchy.

From one of the attendants named in the suit who felt uncomfortable:

“I was immediately struck by the nature of the opening prayer and felt like either I had to be a little disingenuous and go through the motions — standing for the prayer, bowing my head and so on, which felt not true to myself — or to be conspicuous by not doing that,” Lund said. “So I felt unwelcome, and I felt like it was an uncomfortable situation for me and not one that I freely would participate in.”

Anyhoo..the court found that Rowan County has to put the kibosh on the super-specific prayers.

Cue Christian Persecution Outrage in 5..4..3..2..1

From some of the good Christians responding to this story  in the comments section of the Salisbury Post:

“These are all people that aren’t from around here, they MOVED here. Well, if you don’t like how we do things down here, go back where you came from. Just ridiculous”

“Have you ever noticed that all the people that have a problem with prayer, Jesus, the Bible, and just Christianity in general all look so unhappy? Just saying.”

“then may I suggest to these people that are so “offended” and feel so out of place by the prayer that maybe they should arrive a few minutes later or stand out in the hall prior to the meeting? is that too much to ask of you? Why would the Word of God offend you so much? are you so convicted of something in your lives that you can’t stand to hear the sweet Words of a heartfelt prayer lifted up to the Creator or your very being? now, my dear lady and gents, I find that quite offensive and maybe WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD SUE YOU FOR YOUR COLD HEARTS? your lack of love for Jesus offends me and the thousands of others that have read this post of have seen this article that broadcasted on the news tonight, you should be ashamed of yourselves. God brought you into this world and He will take you out. as far as the ACLU they are over stepping their bounds, they should just walk away and leave their noses out of this, I think we should get in touch with Jay Sekulow and get his counsel at ACLJ. When the Trumpet sounds you that don’t believe, will have a lot to answer for. In Jesus Name~AMEN? thank you to our County Commissioners for standing in Jesus Name! never give up, never surrender!”

“This garbage is the reason our country is going to Hell! I say pull up your big girl panties and stop WHINING about every little thing! This country was FORGED and BUILT for the people by our forefathers. If you INSIST on using the Constitution and throwing it around to benefit YOUR cause when you want to take OTHER peoples rights and BELIEFS away from them, maybe you should read ALL of it! Our country was built on the belief in God AND prayer! If you insist on having EVERYTHING your way, maybe you should go find yourselves an island and invite all of the other NITPICKERS to join you. Then the MAJORITY of the country doesn’t have to pussyfoot around because YOU think you have the RIGHT to stomp all over OUR GOD given RIGHTS!”

I don’t know about you, but I can feel the Christian love radiating from these comments.

Oy vey…the 1950’s called and they want their issue back.  I’ve got my big girl panties on so I’m going to address this for what it’s worth.  Nan Lund, Liesa Montag-Siegel and Bob Voelker, the three plaintiffs in this lawsuit – WAY TO GO! You have every right, along with anyone else who doesn’t want to pray to a specific God, to go to a government meetings and not be forced to pray or to feel uncomfortable.  

Trust me, I’ve seen the Rowan County Agenda and in my opinion Jesus has a few more pressing matters than praying over whether or not you buy console furniture for your new 911 center.  Leave him alone and let him heal the sick and feed the poor.

Lund, Montag-Siegel and Volker – you have a big fan in Kansas. (Note – Our bbq is still better than yours.)




One thought on “ACLU Wins Case in NC, Cue Christian Outrage in 5…4…3..2..

  1. bobarmi says:

    Personally I’d like a little divine guidance, can’t hurt to ask, right? Although I have also been to meetings were the prayer amounts to the prelude to a exorcism. I kept waiting for the lights to flicker, the curtains to start fluttering and some one to start spitting up pea soup. I love it when  Lund said. “So I felt unwelcome, and I felt like it was an uncomfortable situation for me and not one that I freely would participate in.” Ok so don’t participate, what are you a jelly fish, Aimee, could lend Nan your big girl panties. By the way what are big girl panties, are they like granny panties?

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