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There is SO much going on that I can’t just narrow it down to one thing to write about. So I am creating a – The Week in Oy Vey that will run as a weekly blog post.

1.  Topping the list is the 39 page indictment of Teresa Guidice and her husband Juicy Joe. Yes I read all 39 pages.  One word that sums it all up – FRAUD and lots of it.  Teresa may go from fabulicous to guiltilicious.  How about a new reality show – Real Housewives of the Slammer?  I think there are a lot of inmates who would like to get their hands on your Juicy Joe. (photo courtesy of ABC News)Teresa

2.  Justin Beiber – seriously dude stop the drugs.  Your tour bus was stopped AGAIN and SHOCKER there were drugs found on it. Border patrol agents don’t screw around.  Even though you weren’t on the bus at the time, we all know that you have been exhibiting some wacked out behavior.  Spitting on fans?  Do me a favor and Google Lindsay Lohan to see how this all ends up.

3. Anthony Weiner dropped to #4 in the polls.  Please God tell me there are only 4 candidates.  At this point, if he was actually beating someone running for Mayor I would have to excuse myself and go puke. I say he will exit the race by Friday.

4.  I can still buy a super gulp soda in NYC.  For the Americans who need their 2 liters per day via fountain drinks they are in the clear.  Nice try Mayor Bloomberg.

5.  My favorite thing this week is this video by David Cross.  I can’t believe how accurately he portrayed the state of women’s health care in Kansas and Missouri.  It is brilliant:


3 thoughts on “Top 5 things in This Week in Oy Vey…

  1. JimL says:

    Oh, why do we care so much about self-indulgent, talentless “celebrities”? At least we can make fun of them. The Cross/Tamblyn video was great! I wonder what it might have been like with Dr. Eric “Otter” Stratton in Cross’ role?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I think people care out of curiosity. That’s why I read celebrity gossip rags 🙂 Aimee

  2. JimL says:

    I know it’s really hard to stay away from the “no-news” most of the time. I think people have to have been interested in celebrities since the dawn of time. We love them and we hate them and they are a kind of doppelganger for us.

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