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Have you ever spanked your child?  Take a second to tell me what you think.


I know some parents do and some don’t, but in South Africa it could be illegal to spank your child.

That’s right – legislation is currently being drafted by the Children’s Rights Project to make it corporal punishment if a parent spanks their child in their own home:

“If a husband beats a wife it’s a crime, but if a parents hits a child who is helpless, it’s not illegal,” Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini told the Sunday Times. Under the draft law, parents would be charged with assault if, at home, they used a flat hand on a child’s bottom or enacted other forms of corporal punishment.

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Can you imagine…

“What are you in for?” the inmate asked.

“Little Jr. took a sharpie to my couch so I spanked him. Now I’m serving 5-10 years.” said defeated parent.

As most of you know I have a 6-year-old daughter.  My parenting discipline mostly been about time-outs or the very 2013 way of hugging it out.  (insert eye roll from people without children).  “Sweetie I know you are behaving this way, because you want my attention.  How about if we hug and make it better instead?” Two snaps up and throw some confetti for my very constructive parenting style.  Yes, I know my child will be a bear to work with when she expects to “hug it out” when things go bad in the workplace.  Future employers – you’re welcome.

Confession – I did spank ONCE.  It was more like a thud than a spanking.  Needless to say, it traumatized me MUCH more than my sassy six-year-old.

What do you think?  Do you think it should be illegal to spank a child?

I guess we will have to watch South Africa to see how/if this law ends up becoming law and how they plan on enforcing it.

More later…



One thought on “Let’s just hug it out b/c spanking could soon become illegal

  1. JimL says:

    I know, I know, my opinion is already dismissed and disregarded since I have no adorable children of my own. I do still have my right to roll my eyes and they are veritably spinning! I think parents should manage their children the best way they can and bear in mind the long-term “value” of things like awarding prizes to children for just showing up. Life just won’t always be that much fun. BTW, thanks Aimee for making me think about important issues. Blissful ignorance is not an option.

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