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This is NOT an abortion post.  I repeat…this is NOT a traditional abortion post, however, I can’t pass up any opportunity for delicious irony.  Tonight I popped some popcorn, got in my jammies and settled in to watch a great video.  Was it another Meg Ryan romance?  Nope – the video was of a Wichita City Counsil meeting that happened last week.   Irony was served up on a silver plate with irrational as the side dish!

So here’s the 411 to catch you up:

I think we all know what happened to George Tiller in Wichita. Another clinic is opening in Wichita to continue Dr. Tiller’s work.  Turns out this new clinic is in a residential neighborhood in an area that is zoned for commercial use.  Pro-life folks are fighting against the commercial zoning of the property.  (shocker)

So sometime before this city council meeting, three pro-life groups got together and came up with a strategy to persuade the city not to open the abortion clinic.  Here is my interpretation of how it went:

“We can’t fight them the normal way, because we don’t have any legal ground to stand on.  I know!  Let’s tell them how CRAY-CRAY we are and then they can’t possibly open the clinic.  I mean who would want our crazy asses camped out in their neighborhood!” said pro-lifer #1

“Brilliant” said pro-lifer #2

From there a great idea was created.

Here are the  arguments from the pro-life people.  I’m not kidding you.  There is video to prove it.  If an abortion clinic is opened in the residential neighborhood:

1. There will be an increase in gun violence.

2.  There is a possibility that stray bullets could strike innocent residents.

3. Graphic signs that they hold are too disturbing for the children in the neighborhood.

4. They foster a “circus-like” environment with their protesting.

Let’s take a look at the evidence of the wac-a-dofest shall we?

From Mark Geitzen, KS Coalition of Life:

“Because of the prevalence of guns, that occurred during the time the facility was operated by Tiller, we kept a log of each time we had an incident that was noteworthy.  The log showed that between 5/2004 and 5/2009 there were 18 incidents involving a gun. ”

Translation – we are dangerous.

“A Taxi driver carrying an abortion client from an airport  heard something about the pro-life volunteers and out of the window of his taxi he is carrying a 45 and if he would have accidentally shot that it would have gone into a neighborhood homes or the south side of a home.”

Translation we are dangerous.

“In past abortionist Tiller wouldn’t let his “escorts’ fight with the pro-life people, because it doesn’t do any good.  The Southland abortion facility has escorts from out-of-state where their intention is to harass and harangue people.  I think this kind of thing where you have someone antagonizing the pro-life people is more leading to the likelihood that a violent episode will take place.”

Hold it – dictionary time.  Let’s look up the definition of HARASS shall we?

tr.v. ha·rassedha·rass·ingha·rass·es

1. To irritate or torment persistently.
2. To wear out; exhaust.
3. To impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids
It left off #4 – see KS Coalition of Life.
This from the pastor testifying:

“Aside from the threat of gun violence, buses passes this area and passing the graphic signs.  It’s a circus and it’s in the residential neighborhood.”

Translation we are dangerous to children and those pictures we post to our websites with children in front of the pictures are horrible.

Operation Rescue provided interesting testimony how the violence against pro-lifers is rising and how some “even had to take self-defense classes and walk around with pepper spray.”

OMG – not pepper spray!  Next you will have to wear bullet proof vests.  No wait, that’s the pro-choice people.  My bad!

The number of pro-lifers killed to date from a pro-choicer person is….zero.  That’s zero with a Z and an O at the end.  The number of people killed from pro-lifers is 8.  To break it down for you since 1977 there have been 17 attempted murders, 383 death threats, 153 incidents of assault and 3 kidnapping.  

I think these numbers speak for themselves.  Having the pro-life group testify that they are a serious threat to the safety and security of the women and staff was music to my ears.

The city voted down the request to rezone the area.


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