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There was an international incident last night!  It ended up causing 300,000 tweets per minute.   Was it  mass casualties in Syria?  Nope.  Was it the capture of Taliban forces in Afghanistan?  No again. Was it that Miley Cyrus shook her tushie?  Ding! Ding!

Oh the outrage!  The horror!  It was so bad that the Smiths – Will, Jada, Willow and Branch sat in shock.

I can’t believe that our sweet little Miley got half-naked and grinded up against Robin Thick.  I’m sorry, I mean she “twerked” – From Wickipedia for us old folks:  Twerking is a dance move that involves a person shaking the hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer to shake, “wobble” and “jiggle.”To “twerk” means to “dance in a sexually suggestive fashion by twisting the hips.”

The depths at which our society continues to fall is terrible.  How could she?  I mean it was truly shocking and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Hang on a second…”You kids get off my lawn.”

Ok, I’m back.

To think that a young woman would grind on stage is simply outrageous.  In my day this was never done.  We would NEVER have tolerated a young woman being so overtly sexual on stage in front of millions.

Hang on a second…

1984 Madonna is on line one.

Well this is awkward…


2 thoughts on “The OUTRAGE at the VMA’s last night!

  1. paarna says:

    If we ignore Miley, she will fade, as did Madonna.

    1. That’s probably news to Madonna 😉

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