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Last night I was on Darla Jaye’s show on 980 KMBZ and I was FIRED UP!  The topic – Syria.  It was a spirited debate to say the least.  I was for a military strike and she was against.  Since I’m the liberal and she is the conservative, it felt like a Freaky Friday moment with Lindsay Lohan pre-adderal and coke and Jamie Lee Curtis pre-Activia.  I’ll let you decide who was who.

If the UN inspectors come back with information that the Syrian regime did in fact engage in chemical warfare against their own people, the US must act.  We cannot tolerate biological or chemical warfare being used  against their own people or used against foreign enemies by any country and the US MUST take action.  To not have a US unified front on this is inconceivable to me.

I get that we are war fatigued.  I blame the Bush administration for that.  But being “the home of the brave” means that we can stand up to our fatigue and still manage to do the right thing.  That is what makes this country great.

I get how ironic the situation is in that we elected Obama to get us OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq and now we are in a situation where we might go in to yet another country.  Syria is a unique situation where ignoring the facts might bring grave consequences in the long-term if we choose to turn our backs on the facts once they are presented.

This is so different from guns, missiles and bombs.  There are defenses to traditional types warfare no matter how small  Chemical and biological warfare has NO defense.  That is why we can’t tolerate it by any regime or terrorist group.  What’s to say that if these weapons get in the hands of the wrong people they won’t be used against us at some point.  If we do nothing it’s the same as saying we condone this type of warfare.

What I can’t believe is what I’m reading in comments sections by Americans who believe that the horrible video of the napalm attack by the playground in Syria has been staged by actors.  Are we that jaded?  Are we that bitter?  People actually believe that this video has been put on like some sort of MTV punk’ed video?  To find child actors who can scream that good- I’m sure Hollywood would love that.  That’s really sick people.

So what should to response to Syria be?  I can’t answer that.  I’m many things, but not an expert in military strategy.  I will wait to hear from the Obama administration and the Pentagon.  I just hope that the American people can find it in themselves to support this administration and put their “fatigue” aside, find their bravery and stand behind the President to do what is right.  That is what makes this country the home of the brave.

God bless America.


One thought on “Syria – let’s do this. No wait..let’s not do this. Should we do this?

  1. Ok, let’s put on our thinking caps now. Aimee dear, turn it around, you’ve got it on backwards, poor thing, at least God blessed you with a kind heart. Even if you do advocate for the bombing of a foreign country that have never (directly) attacked nor poses a imitate threat to the US. That is what you want to do right? You admit that you are not a military expert, and your knowledge in foreign policy appears to be pretty crappy to, not to worry you and BO are in good company there. (Inside info: the Pentagon told the White house it would be a bad idea, oh and the CIA told the White House it would be a bad idea). Honey Badger don’t care, Honey Badger want to drop some bombs.

    So you want to bomb Syria to send a warning that the use of chemical weapons will be punished. Who are we going to bomb, Assad or the Rebels? There is evidence on both sides, and both sides would use chem’s if they thought they could get away with it. How about we take out Assad’s air force? Well most of Assad’s airplanes and helicopters belong to Russia, and Russia doesn’t take kindly to having their toys broken. There are at least three Russian missile boats and my guess is at least two attack subs keeping a close eye on our everything our Navy does. Assad’s air defenses are top of the line, thanks to the Russians, that is why nobody has been calling for a no fly zone over Syria.

    Ok, What are we going to bombs on? How about the stock pills, great idea, we bomb the stock piles so they can’t be used again. Problem, we would have to use Thermite bombs, aka super hot Napalm, like 5000 degrees hot, to ensure that the chemicals were completely consumed. Prior to that we would have to use bunker busters to open up the hardened bunker where this stuff is stored. Most of these bunker are located with in large populace centers around Damascus. And if Assad is smart, which he is, those bunkers are empty and the weapons are scattered all over the place. Good luck hunting them down with out lots of boots on the ground.(hey, I made a rhyme)

    I understand your lust to want to punish some one for the gruesome deaths of the innocents. But this is not the time for us to rain hell fire. This isn’t about being “war weary” this is about being smart. The US lost the advantage in Syria about thirty months ago, and “pin prick strikes” are not going to change that. ( I know your mind stuck on the word “prick”, come on focus) . I support our mission to send food, medicine and shelter to help Jordan and Turkey to help with the flood of refugees. But your plan of pouring more gas on this wild fire that’s just stupid, and we all know “Stupid is who stupid does”

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