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Everyone supports the campaign to rid this world of breast cancer.  Unfortunately we all know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I know someone close to me who has been diagnosed and luckily is cancer free!  I have supported breast cancer charities in the past, purchased things with the pink ribbons and walked in breast cancer 5ks.

Today I was doing my normal Facebook scroll and noticed this ad pop up on one of my friend’s wall:


This first thing I noticed was the sexy lady encouraging me to “set my tatas free” on Oct. 13th.  Get ready world on Sunday, Oct. 13th I get to do my normal activities without wearing my bra.  A few observations:

1.  I have middle-age, mom boobs so setting my tatas free means that my back will have some extra work to do that day holding up my now free tatas.  Please have the Advil at the ready.

2.  While I’m bra-free I will be cheering my daughter on at her soccer game.  Purple Unicorns please don’t score many goals, because jumping up and down will hurt.  I will have to do a polite, British polo match clap from the sidelines.  Hey, it’s all in the name of breast cancer right?

3.  Clarification question – while my tatas are enjoying their new freedom, do I need to go around and announce to everyone that my tatas are free?  If it’s cold I may be wearing a large sweatshirt so no one will really know that my tatas are free.  I wish I could say I had Pamela Anderson’s tatas, but I don’t.  My freestylin’ tatas may go completely unnoticed.  How will the public know that I support breast cancer?  Maybe I just should just start every conversation with, “Hi.  How are you?  Do you know I’m not wearing a bra today.” (insert awkward silence)

4. Also, I notice this has a lot of buzz on Facebook and I’m not one to spotlight things that everyone is on board with, but when did we go from fighting breast cancer and trying to find a cure to supporting breast cancer?  I feel kind of weird about this, but the more that I think about it the more I think that I’m going to keep my bra on and my tatas held hostage if it means I can show support to FIGHT breast cancer instead of taking my bra off for the day to SHOW SUPPORT FOR BREAST CANCER.

I’m being very tough on the person who wrote this, but I think it’s deserved.  What’s the point of this ad?  What’s the point of the activity?  Unless we are all going to walk around with our boobs hanging out all day (calm down guys – you know it’s NOT going to happen) I’m at a loss for understanding what the heck this is all about.  How about if you find your favorite breast cancer research organization, donate some money and keep your bras on.

To donate to the American Cancer Society:




4 thoughts on “Who was the boob who wrote this breast cancer campaign ad?

  1. I’m against using breast cancer as an excuse to draw attention to a woman’s breasts. Why aren’t more women outraged by this? Save the Ta-Tas has become a juvenile euphemism for “hey society, boobs” or “I know what she’s got under there”. Personally, I really wish the whole Komen group would collectively wear a sweater, stay home, and donate.

    While we’re at it, let’s devote some time to prostate cancer, which doesn’t get as much press, because to be honest, no one wants to see that.

    1. Great comment! I agree. I think they were trying to be edgy, but this ad ends up being down right stupid.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I find this picture AWFUL It is offensive to women like me who have had breast cancer. I have posted about it on my blog and keep sending messages to FB users who are still putting it out there.

    1. I agree. It doesn’t serve a purpose at all – never mind that the messaging is all wrong. I think the group should put out an apology. I hope you are doing better. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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