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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Dear Dr. Wolf:

First, welcome to the race for Senate in Kansas.  I appreciate anyone who is willing to add even more crazy or should I say “krazy” to our political landscape here in Kansas. (note to self – learn to  cross stitch “Krazy Kansas” to earn money to keep this blog going – it will be great on pillows.)


So rumor on the street is your are even MORE conservative than Pat Roberts AND you are a cousin of President Obama.  Call the Kardashians, looks like we have a new kookie family in town and it’s the Obamas!  You wacky cousins – one conservative, the other one liberal…I can only imagine what your Thanksgiving looks like. are 2nd cousins once removed?  I still don’t understand what the hell that even means.  I think by that logic, I might be related to President Obama.  I’m going to have to that.  Is that where we are all somehow related to King Henry VIII?

Well, I guess we all have to milk our claim to fame somehow right?  Who am I to judge?  Did I ever tell you that I met Kirk Cameron at Worlds of Fun?  

Back to the point…

I understand you are a radiologist and that means you are an expert at telling us why healthcare and government shouldn’t mix.  Interesting that your practice accepts Medicare AND Medicaid.  Aren’t those two government healthcare programs? Silly me…what do I know?  I’m just some wacky blog writer and I NEVER wrote a book.  You did write a book and I just downloaded your 5 chapter, 38 page book.  I’m getting ready to get all comfy and cuddle up for a nice, long read.


Good luck on your campaign!

Yours in understanding 2nd cousins,



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