Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Today’s post isn’t a letter to anyone.  It is just a post about my thoughts.  I think like 99.9% of all Americans, conservative and liberal, regarding the government shut down….I am o-v-e-r-i-t!

Here’s my list of thoughts in no particular order on this Monday:

1.  Even I am sick of talking about the shut down and that is serious.  When I can talk politics all day every day and I am sick of it you know there is a problem.  I’m opting to read gossip magazines to find out the latest about the Jenner split BEFORE I read the latest happenings on the Hill.

2.  Regarding the closing the WWII memorial – here’s the deal folks – stop scheduling the Memorial Flights until it reopens.  The monument is CLOSED whether you like it or not.  Also, tone the drama down a bit.  The veterans aren’t exactly “storming” the monument.  They are walking quickly towards it, but they aren’t exactly “storming” it. If some of the veterans miss seeing the memorial, well that’s sad, but think of all of the veterans that lived without a memorial up until it was built.  Memorials are amazing, but they are statues – they do not make the person or define the experience.  Let’s stop acting like this is a trip to the Holy Land.

3.  The rollout of the Obamacare WEBSITE has been a disaster.  I want to be clear – I’m not talking about the entire program just the website.  The firm who designed the website gets two thumbs down from me.  It’s 2013 and you KNEW that there would be MILLIONS of people hitting this website at one time.  Experiencing this many technical glitches is unacceptable.  I may be a loyal Democrat, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

A bad website doesn’t mean the entire program is a bust.  Everyone take a deep breath and let’s see what happens when the refresh button actually refreshes.

4.  Two big thumbs up to Obama for the gas prices.  Here in Kansas City gas prices are a $2.97/gallon for unleaded. Woohoo – that sure helps right now.

5.  As much as America HATES the thought of career politicians, the whole mess we are currently in makes me stop and think about the benefit of career politicians to keep us out of future messes.  Before we get all high and mighty voting all of the bums out of office think about what got us here in the first place.  There may be something said for career politicians knowing what it takes to negotiate and just how far they can push each other until we end up with monuments being shut down, WIC programs not receiving food and our nation’s food supply not being monitored.  

Hey these are just my thoughts…

Now back to reading about the Jenner split.  Wake me when we hit the debt ceiling.


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