Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

As a pro-choice advocate in Kansas, we rarely have anything to celebrate.  In fact, this state is so pro-life, we just set ourselves up for disappointment after disappointment.  

I’m trying to think back on pro-choice victories in Kansas.  Give me a sec.

Well…there is the time that the Supreme Court passed Roe vs. Wade making abortion legal in the United States.

Woo hoo – keep abortion safe and legal! “My body, my choice!” You know the chant.

Ok, so then there was the time…

Well, let me keep thinking for a second.  Talk among yourselves for moment.  Topic:  Candy Corn – it’s definitely candy, but not really corn.  Discuss.

Hum..this is awkward.  I got nothing.  Not a damn thing, because it has only been one disappointment after another leaving women with few options even though abortion is legal in this country.  

Well today pro-choice advocates in Kansas get to spike the damn football for change.  

Phill Kline, former attorney general in the state of Kansas, has had his law license indefinitely suspended for the way he handled investigating abortion clinics.

Take this as a lesson pro-life politicians – you aren’t above the law in your mission to make abortion illegal in Kansas.  

Now excuse me while I do my victory dance in the end zone.  It involves this really cool twerking move I learned watching Miley on the VMAs!  I’m sure as a middle-aged woman I will look equally cool.




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