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If you haven’t heard Obamacare is a DISASTER!  Everyone is running around screaming, “the sky is falling!”  As a result – business are cutting hours, premiums are rising and Paris Hilton has a new song with Lil’ Wayne.  Ok, maybe that last one isn’t a result of the Obamacare disaster, but it is still a disaster.Chicken-Little_Sky-is-Falling

How bad is it really?  I took it upon myself to find out.  Here’s my 411 so you can understand why Obamacare isn’t a disaster for me:

I work for a small company – under 10 employees.  We were recently told that we had the OPTION to look into Obamacare as an alternative to our employee healthcare.  Our employee healthcare IS NOT going away, but we were welcome to shop around.  Shop around?  This is a new concept in medical insurance.  I love to shop so I said yes!

Approximately 4 years ago I had my own business and I was under my husband’s health insurance.  Cue divorce and I lost my husbands benefits.  Because of pre-existing conditions that are none of your damn business, getting health insurance was next to impossible.  I had to give up my business and go to work for health insurance OR use the emergency room as my primary care walk-in clinic.  I chose to go back work to have medical benefits unlike millions of Americans.  This experience has me rallying for Obamacare to be a success, but in this post I am honest in my reporting on how things went when I signed up.

Yesterday I logged on and created my account – approximate time: 3 minutes.  (disclaimer – to be fair I type crazy fast 89 wpm)

Website didn’t implode.

I filled out all of my information.  I encountered one error message and I clicked on the x to make it go away.  It went away and never returned.  I continued to fill out all of my information.  When I entered my social, it brought up relevant information about me to conclude I was who I said I was.

Overall the total time for me to fill out my account info and submit my information:  approximately 15 minutes.

I am waiting for my result.

My theory is that since I’m quirky and the website has quirks – our quirks cancelled each other out and the website worked like a charm.  I was honestly prepared for the worst and found it to be a rather fast and boring experience – which is a good thing.  I could get back to laying candy crush in no time.

Now will I use the insurance once it’s presented to me?  I don’t know yet.  The point is that I have options.

To all of the Republicans claiming that Obamacare is a disaster to business remember a healthy workforce is a better workforce.  Companies weren’t “required” to offer health insurance before and MANY did.  You have to stop and ask yourself why?  I think it’s because : 1.  to keep employees healthy so they can work more and 2. to remain competitive in the hiring pool.

Those businesses who are claiming that they have to cut hours, because they can’t afford it – get more creative in cutting costs elsewhere and offer good employees medical benefits.  Thousands of American businesses have been doing that BEFORE Obamacare and will continue doing so after Obamacare.  Sometimes employees searching for employment will decide on an employer who offers the BEST benefits package.  If businesses want to compete in recruiting and retaining top talent, they will offer great benefits to do so.

Will premiums go up?  For some they will and for others, like me they will probably go down.  The sky hasn’t fallen on me.  In fact, my sky is bright blue and sunny!

Thanks Obamacare.


Aimee (pre-existing conditions) Patton



2 thoughts on “#Obamacare I’m quirky & website has quirks so it’s a match made in heaven

  1. Brian Jones says:

    Thank you Aimee for sharing this and easing my fears. Like you, last thursday, I had help to fill out the online application. It took about 30 min to get through all of it without any problems or errors. I signed and submitted it. Like you, I’m waiting to find out what my choises will be.
    I’ve never insurance and I don’t have a reg doctor, so I hope this turns out okay.

    1. I’m glad to hear it Brian. I think there are many who are experiencing problems. I am not pretending like there aren’t ANY problems. I just hope after this initial screw up things start to calm down. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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