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It seems like each year the “war on Christmas” starts earlier and earlier.  Well, turns out no need to worry about that silly war if you live in Missouri.  Thank to House bill 278 from Rep. Rick Brattin that war is a thing of the past.  Turns out the new law passed in MO says that you can celebrate ANY federal holiday ANY way that you darn well please.

9.015. No state or local governmental entity, public building, public park, public 
school, or public setting or place shall ban or otherwise restrict the practice, mention,
celebration, or discussion of any federal holiday.
I can only guess this is in reaction to Christmas trees being renamed “holiday trees” and getting our kids to sing more winter themed songs at choir concerts in public schools.  I thought I held the crown in the over-reaction pageant, but it looks like Rep. Rick Brattin knocked me right off my pedestal.
So…leave it to me to go over the top when it comes to throwing a bash to celebrate a holiday like Christmas.  If we are going to do this then LET’S DO THIS!  I think I am going to be room mother for my daughter’s public school class next year and I am going to throw the most over the top holiday party in her classroom.  We are going to put on a live nativity scene to celebrate Christmas in her public school.
I can see it now…truckloads of sand, live camels, donkeys and sheep and I’m sure some handy dads will help me build the actual stable.  Will some parents and administrators have a problem with this?  Probably – but sorry Charlie take it up with Rep. Brattin.  Now who wants to be my baby Jesus?
I’m sure Rep. Brattin just wants what all Christian Conservatives want…to have America celebrate Christmas in government the way the Founding Fathers intended.
Wait…America didn’t celebrate Christmas as a federal holiday until 1870?  Well, this is a wee bit awkward.
Ok, then I’m sure that Rep. Brattin is just holding true to his “Constitutional Conservativism” political ideology that is outlined on his Facebook page.  It reads:
What does a Constitutional Conservative believe?
• That our liberty and unalienable rights come from God and that His blessing is essential to good government.• That government really does derive its power from the people and can only legitimately exercise the powers we, the people, give it.
• That government exists for the good of the whole. It should never pit one group against another but, instead, should treat each citizen equally without favoritism or prejudice.
• That we are citizens, not wards of the state. Government’s role is to protect our liberty from aggressors, not tell us how to live. It is our protector,
not our provider.

• That Missouri is a sovereign state subject only to the U.S. Constitution, which specifically enumerates and limits the powers granted to the federal government.
• That government does not create jobs and prosperity — the private sector does. What government should do is make Missouri an Economic Freedom Zone so that citizens, not bureaucrats, are empowered.• That our schools must pass on to our children and grandchildren an appreciation for the precious gifts of liberty and Godly heritage we’ve enjoyed and teach what the Constitution actually says and how it guarantees the long-term survival and success of our nation.


Yes, exactly as bullet point #3 states:  • That government exists for the good of the whole. It should never pit one group against another but, instead, should treat each citizen equally without favoritism or prejudice.  
That is unless you aren’t Christian.  I’ll end it here, because for some reason I have a sudden urge to look up the word “hypocrisy”.

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